Friday, August 08, 2008

I had a fantastic birthday and thank you to those of you who wished me a happy birthday. You did yourselves proud, and therefore the blog will continue. ;)I know you were all losing sleep over it.

For my birthday, Shannon took me out for a wonderful, and I mean wonderful dinner at SaddlePeak Lodge. He made sure that we had a table by the fireplace and it was just a spectacular time. I had a delicious antelope dish. Yes, antelope. The Lodge is known for its game cuisine and it did not disappoint. Fabulous from appetizer to desert.

After that, we headed to Villa where after a week worth of networking by Shannon, we got on the list. After our first clueless attempt at breaking through the iron curtain door policy, I wanted to see if we could get into the club for my birthday. It was a fun challenge that Shannon managed to pull off. Apparently, being on the list doesn't guarantee you entry, so we were prepared for plan B if it didn't pan out.

Well, after all the networking and getting on the list, we walked up to the door all prepared to give our names to the gatekeeper. Imagine our surprise when the doorman took one look at us and let us right in, no questions asked.

Happy feckin' birthday to me.

We got inside and did a little victory dance to the thumping music, then headed right to the bar. It was a great end cap to a perfect night. I took this picture of us inside.

Me and Shannon @ Villa

So, my big birthday rocked, and thanks again to all of you who wrote to wish me a happy one.

It was indeed that and more.

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