Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A break from the cat saga to go back to regular blogging. One short note to those of you who donated, if you haven't received a follow up email from me, please check your regular in boxes or junk email boxes. I sent a mass email, so your spam filters may have gallantly fought me off. If so...hey, they were just doing their job.

Last night, Shannon and I went to the Radiohead concert at the Hollywood Bowl. A few months ago, I'd sat with my finger at the ready to click on the mouse once the tickets went on sale, then watched as Ticketmaster's computer did its best to find me the "best available" or any tickets at all as it processed the thousands upon thousands of requests it was getting from people wanting the same thing. Luck shined on me that day and I got two tickets in a decent area. In fact, until the concert, I wasn't aware just how lucky. Many concert goers that we spoke to had bought them off Craigslist, or eBay and paid much more than face value. I knew that both concerts had sold out within minutes, but damn.

We pulled up and parked, during that process learning that the pre-mixed cosmo that Shannon had made for me wasn't going to be let in the venue because the Bowl, famous for letting you BYOB, wasn't having it for this concert. This included the Liquid Lunch box that Shannon bought for me last Christmas because it included glass. So, we broke out the goods in the tandem parking lot under a canopy of trees, among the cars and passing humanity. In front of us were two Indian men who had broken out their drinks and food, who we really enjoyed talking to. One was an on-set photographer and the other was an architect. They were having a husband's night out and were just the coolest guys ever. One of them took this picture of Shannon and me.

Shannon and Me @ Radiohead - Hollywood Bowl

That was Shannon's first full cosmo, even though he made them for me. I encouraged him since he hadn't brought beer, having planned to buy them inside. Seriously, it takes a man to be able to hold the pink drink in public. But, like I've said about cosmos before, they're strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. So, all was good.

The concert was fantastic. It was the most crowded I've ever seen the Bowl. Ever. And I've been to sold out events. For some reason, the place just seemed extra packed, from when we entered to when we sat down. It was the hottest ticket in town, and that was obvious. However, everyone was in good spirits, in a festive and cooperative mood and it was just a good vibe all around. We met several people that night and had great conversations as well as many of those precious passing moments with other people. Below is a video that I took of us if you want to enjoy seven seconds of the concert with us.

It was just a great night, with the band playing under a sky where the big dipper hung low, the sea of bodies moving in time to the pulses of the music and just being in the moment. After the whole kitty and neighbor stress, it was the perfect thing that I needed. To just relax every muscle in my body and let the music in.

So that's exactly what I did.

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