Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There was a whole lotta shakin' going on today.

I decided to sleep in today since I didn't sleep well the night before, and was lying in bed awake when I felt the first rumble. At first, I thought it was my cats jumping on the bed, but realized it was deeper and underneath. Then, the real rocking started, thrusting my big sleigh bed back and forth longways, me in it, not even raising my head from the pillow as I rode it out. The cats were on the bed, along for the ride as the bed creaked and protested with the building as it shook. It lasted about thirty seconds and when it finished I remembered I was naked. The thought of being pulled out of a building in my birthday suit on live TV got me out of bed and I dressed, just in case that was a pre-quake to The Big One. I looked outside and Warner Bros. had evacuated. People in suits and casual dress were standing around in clusters as a security guard directed them to their emergency gathering areas. People were laughing, talking and just a bit hyper in the way that one gets when the unexpected interrupts their day. It was a nice sized quake, but thankfully was a roller, not a jerker.

I went outside and saw Victor, the landlord. His face brightened.

VICTOR: Is this what you look like when you wake up? You look nice.

ME: I look like shit. What do you think that was, a 4.5?

VICTOR: I like your hair this way.

ME: (Looking at him)

VICTOR: Oh. Yeah, around that I think.

Turns out it was a 5.4 with the epicenter in Chino Hills. The earthquake occurred eight miles under the surface of the earth. Of course, the news media did its job, scaring the shit out of the relatives of people who live here by blowing it way out of proportion. The phones were down so I wasn't getting any calls, but IM's started popping up on my computer screen. I assured everyone that I was fine, that Los Angeles had not fallen into the ocean and that the Mojave had not suddenly become beach front property.

After things had calmed down, I went back to nap and woke up to take a phone call for a freelance job I'm doing. Before that, I got a call from DHL to pick up a package from the company that I'd just left. I figured it was my last paycheck and a couple other formalities. I drove to the pick up station with the tracking number and sure enough, that's what it was. As a final nose-thumbing to the crappy ordeal, after showing the woman my ID, I signed for it as "Oswald Cobblepot" and left. Sure enough, it was exactly what I thought. A check and a statement saying I'd left the company. Now, I feel that is finally over. Last week, I sent my own letter of events to the company so it would be on record in case it were needed. It's always good to have on file a clear record of your version of events stating why you left any company. And for the record, I stated it very well. ;)

I'm now working on two freelance projects and am hoping for a little more motivation than I've been feeling. I think there are a few things affecting me. One, my birthday is on Sunday. And, it's a milestone one. I better get some birthday wishes from you readers...that's all I'm saying. Two, I'm still not in the freelance mode. I had expected full-time work. Now I'm having to manage my own time and get back into the head space of temporary working relationships. I have a third freelance possibility in the works as well. That one I've done before, so it won't feel as foreign. I think after a couple more weeks, the fact that I'm back to freelance will sink in and it won't be as hard to find a little more fire in the belly.

But, on the bright side, I'm so thankful I had the foresight and experience to nip that nightmare sold to me as a daydream right in the bud.

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