Sunday, June 01, 2008

I was woken this morning to low buzzing helicopters and sirens.

"Catch the fucker already," I thought, groggy, thinking it was a high speed chase. The noise didn't stop, so I got up. Pissed. It was 6:45 AM. I put on my clothes, opened the door and saw a low-hanging fog bank. When I exited the building I saw the enormous smoke plume that was the source. It was black, twisting and angry.

"Oh my goodness," I said to myself. I walked back in the courtyard and up to the second level. My apartment building is a typical California U-shaped building with all entrances and walkways on the outside.

"It's Universal," a voice said behind me. I looked and saw my 50-something-year-old neighbor standing in his doorway.


Um... Yeah.

"It's on the news, Channel Four," he said, not missing a beat.

I looked at him, having no idea if he'd just not realized he was still naked, or if he just didn't care. My poker face would have impressed even the most cunning Vegas card sharks.

"I'll go turn the TV on," I said, glad for the excuse to walk back downstairs.

After I watched the news that Universal Studios was burning, I went back outside. My now-dressed neighbor joined me and pointed out the ash that was collecting on the ground and in the pool. Large ash clusters, probably embers that had burned out in the air also fell on the ground.

I took this video of the fire, and more pictures on Flickr. I shot the video with my little point and shoot. It was set on a lower res, but I thought did a decent job.

I know almost all of you will be disappointed, but these do not include a picture of my neighbor in the buff.

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