Friday, May 02, 2008

THEM!This was me today. Thousands, and yes I say thousands of ants decided to launch a full scale home invasion into my apartment today. Their goal? The cat food dishes.

I was just about to go out for coffee when I saw Atticus watching his cat dish. I'd been through this and much worse before, and knew what that meant. At first, it didn't look too bad. The bowl had been invaded and there was an ant orgy by a stray piece of cat food on the kitchen floor. I squirted the orgy with Lysol cleaner, a sure fire ant killer, then dumped the food into the sink. After grinding it way down the garbage disposal, I set out to napalm the trail. It was then that I realized how many ants had invaded my place.

I followed a four lane highway to my air-conditioner, spraying as I went. The little suckers were hard to see since I have a dark carpet and I had to get a flashlight out to track them. Instead of going outside, like I thought they would, they made a sharp turn toward my couch where a sickening amount snaked around one of the legs in what can only be described as ant grid lock. I folded back my area rug and saw that they were following it in a perfect line to the other foot of my couch where yes, another ant SIG alert was in full swing. Good to know it's not just humans who can't handle turns in heavy traffic.

I couldn't figure out where in the hell they were going until I saw another writhing mound under my side table. One of the cats had coughed up a hairball and it was covered, covered with them. Nasty. I squirted the mound and watched as it stopped moving, then went back over the trail a couple times to make sure there were no survivors.

I do not look forward to this repeating in the summer days to come. It's a fact of life in California and a couple of my neighbors have already had invasions.

On less disgusting note, my first week of unemployment resulted in one interview for tomorrow. I'd like to say that I'd done something to facilitate it, but I hadn't. Okay, that's not entirely true. I applied to the job a month or so ago and the timing just happened to work out. In the meantime, I've been crafting a new cover letter and wondering why I'm spending so much time on it. Perhaps because I don't want it to look like every other stupid cover letter that either I've written or everyone else has written. The truth is it doesn't make a damn difference because most people don't read them. Even so, I wrote a decent one at the coffee shop today and managed to send off my resume to another creative talent agency where I have an "in."

Lastly, David over at StoryLog picked up one of my posts from this blog. He's also got a bunch of other great stories from blogs, including Chuck, whom I link to over on the right. Take a few minutes to check him out.

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