Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are ups and downs to being between jobs. I'll start with the down first and keep it short because I've mentioned it before. I get my days and nights mixed up. Why, I have no idea. I'm sure my rhythms are off, but it can be isolating if I let it. Luckily, I'm not letting it. However, if anyone has any ideas on why some people's body clocks tell them to sleep late and stay up late, let me know. I take melatonin, but I'm probably taking it too late in the evening. It does work, it's just making myself get up before noon. And, to not look at that scrumptious couch of mine and lay down for a long nap.

Update: The East Coast is well into rush hour while I still have yet to sleep. 4:54 AM.

The good thing about a break is having more time and energy to do personal projects or creative experiments. I've been wanting to experiment with self-portraiture for a while. One, because I've always got a subject and two because I'm looking at other forms of expression besides writing. Love it that I do, I have a lot more that I want to "get off my chest" creatively for lack of a better word. A few nights ago I decided to give it a try. After a few frustrating attempts with a tripod, I decided to shoot freestyle holding the camera, setting it on continuous and moving my arm around to snap photos from different angles. Meaning, the camera took continuous shots if my finger was depressed on the button. The reason I did this is that I found that I posed with the tripod and they looked stilted and wholly boring. First, because I was waiting for the timer to take the damn picture and second, the expressions weren't natural or spontaneous. The difference in shooting freestyle was astounding and I accomplished what I was after, which was to learn something new. The bonus was getting these results.

More camera play. Self portrait

And, this one which I altered by taking the color out. I like both. You can click on them to see bigger pictures.

Self Portrait - Black and White Self Portrait - Color

It was fun because I got to play "dress up" first. Well, dressing up my face. I put on a ton of makeup for the shots, mostly around the eyes. There were many more shots that turned out well but I haven't posted them on Flickr. Now I'll have to think of another theme, if it can be called that. With these, I had no theme or images in mind. I just shot to see what I would get. I'm glad, because I think I would have become frustrated with trying to do too much for my first real experiment.

I showed them to Shannon and he approved. A major compliment, because his photography is incredible. And yes, he'd tell me if they sucked. I'm just happy I decided to risk feeling silly and go for it. I can't state enough, the importance of getting over that hurdle when it comes to creating anything.

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