Sunday, May 25, 2008

I had a catastrophic hard drive failure Thursday on my main computer. I have no idea if the data is gone or not, but I managed to get the machine running again. Not from that hard drive, which was the master, (I was able to diagnose that by unplugging the slave drive to see if it was causing the problem) but from the slave drive. Last year I'd installed the extra drive.

I knew something was off when I woke up to the sound of a grandfather clock. Since I don't have a grandfather clock, someone had either put one in my apartment overnight or I'd entered the Twilight Zone. I was banking on the latter. Truth is, I was creeped out, and it was a long walk from my bed to diagnose that the noise was coming from my computer tower, accompanied by a black monitor that read, "Hard Drive Failure. Press F1 to Retry, F2 for Options." In technical terms, it was telling me that F1 and F2 stand for "Face it. You're Fucked."

I turned off the computer, went back to bed.

Once I got back up, I looked at my options. Not the one that the computer offered me, but my own. And that's where I opened up the tower and went to work on rearranging the hardware. I re-installed XP on that drive and went through the millions of updates, installs, activatons and reboots to get back up and running. Office was already installed since that drive came from an old computer. At half past midnight, I called Shannon and told him I needed a drink. He told me my martini glass was chilling in his freezer and I was out the door.

I didn't spend the whole day getting that machine back up. I took a break at the coffee shop and whined via IM to Albert, a friend of mine in NYC. He made me feel better about things. The hard drive failure manifested in a dose of insecurity about its timing during my job search, which became frustration with that process. Bert, thanks for getting me back on track. I've come along way to erase whining from my personality traits, but even the best of us have relapses.

And guess what, I have a possible two interviews next week, plus when I came home to a phone call from a company nearby who had seen my resume on a job site. Funny how that works out.

Luckily, I have a laptop which has all my writing and stories on it. I write on my laptop since I can take it anywhere. I'd also just updated my online portfolio. So, that's all good. I have my most recent work from Disney on a flash drive and my newest photos are still on my new camera. Older ones are on photo disks, backed up or on Flickr. I'll be installing that and downloading the images back onto the hard drive. Music was spared, as was Photoshop. It could have been much worse.

We've had some strange weather for May, including thunder and storms. I was in the coffee shop when a huge thunder cracked and startled everyone. It was gloomy, and there were tornadoes in Riverside County. I listened to rain overnight on Friday. The soft rain sang to me like nature's lullaby, soothing me in my bed.

Saturday we had thick voluminous grey clouds overcast, a perfect day to see a movie, so my friend Jan and I went to see Indiana Jones. The Cinerama Dome at the Arclight was packed to capacity and it was a great time. I thought the movie was great fun, with a different twist on the usual Indy story lines. The audience seemed to enjoy it as well.

Interestingly, they previewed Dark Knight, and when Heath Ledger appeared on screen as The Joker, a very audible, sad "ooh" emanated from the crowd in the theater. I was included in voicing those sentiments. It was a touching, spontaneous tribute to how sad people still are over his death. The movie looked like it was going to be incredible, and Ledger, breathtaking in his final role.

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