Friday, March 14, 2008

Rest in Peace, Little One.

Harryette, my mom and Jack's cat - RIP

Harryette, my mom and Jack's cat, became prematurely ill with kidney failure at only five years old. My mom and Jack treated her with hydration, medication and lots of love but eventually her quality of life declined so much that they agonizingly decided the most humane thing was for her to be put to sleep today. She was a farm cat that they adopted through a rescue program, so it's possible she ate something way back when that damaged her kidneys and caused the premature failure. She was as soft as velvet, loved to touch noses with you and such a sweetie. She'd frequently cuddle with the sock monkey that I'd had as a child. She lived her last years in luxury and leaves this life knowing she was loved. Goodbye, Harryette. You are already missed. May you find an endless amount of sock monkeys to cuddle with in Heaven.

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