Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've had a nasty cold the last few days. I'm in my coffee shop now writing, because I've been in the house a lot and am determined not to spend the entire weekend inside.

I caught it, I'm sure at the gym that I just joined. No matter how careful I was, it was inevitable. It struck a day after my spin class, starting with a sore throat and then upgrading into sinus and chest. However, it's on its way out I think, and I was lucky to get the gym cold over with early.

I just looked up and saw that Brooke Shields is here with her kids and husband. She still looks marvelous. Much better than on television. Whoops, one of her girls just spilled her drink all over the floor.

But back to my decision to join a gym. I finally decided do it because I haven't been getting enough exercise, period. I found myself too out of shape to get the most out of ballet, and shelved it for a bit to get my cardio more improved. I also need to do weights in a bad way. I went to a spinning class, and I think that's where I inhaled the inevitable gym cold. That, or I'd gotten it the first time around. Once I'm feeling better, I'll be back. All in all, I did pretty well my first time back. I was able to keep spinning and knew better than to push myself too hard. I also underestimated how strong ballet has made my legs over the years even though they are far from fighting form. I watched a couple girls in front of me who also were first timers and they were doing just that. Things take time don't get it all in one night. I'd taken spinning years ago, but regardless of the exercise when you're just starting back you don't want to kill yourself.

I'm tired, so I'm going to stop here. Yes, this blog is a shadow of itself. Like I said, moving back here has contributed to that. So much to write about it becomes overwhelming.

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