Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Okay my London readers, and I know there are quite a few of you...did you feel that quake? I just read on the news that you got quite a sizable shaker but I didn't read where the epicenter was. Last I read it was a 4.7.

On Thursday went to see a band called Woven with Shannon at the Troubadour. Excellent. I'd heard them and have some of their music on my iPod, but they are fantastic live. It was raining hard, which added to the mood. It was a fun night with fun energy. Last weekend, we went to the 4100 bar in Silverlake. Awesome place. Great vibe, cool people and nice people. Bohemian is the word that comes to mind, but there were all types there. I ended up using the men's room because there was a long line for the women's, tag-teaming with another girl who held the broken-latched door for me in exchange for me doing the same. It was a deal I brokered, and she was in. She begged me not to leave her, and as men peed without reservation I told her that I wouldn't. I didn't, and we had a few laughs over it. As we washed our hands, I told her if a man did this to us, we'd have a hissy fit. On the way out, a man protested a little and the girl gave him a kiss on the cheek. That silenced his protests.

On all nights of President's Day, save for Sunday, I went out. I didn't get the writing that I wanted to do done, nor did I find a chest of drawers but it was all good. I found the drawers this weekend after resigning to buy a set from Crate and Barrel, only to drive to the one in Beverly Hills and decide against it when I saw how shallow the drawers were. It was paparazzi central in BH. Dog the Bounty Hunter was in one store, whom I saw right away, and Tom Arnold was in a restaurant next to the store. Some girl named Whitney from a show called..."The Hills??" was coming out of another store and the paps chased her as she walked past me. I didn't recognize her. What a freaking weird profession to be a paparazzi. They were just swarming and dodging civilians like me to get their shot. It was a cold dreary day and I was glad to be anonymously shopping for my drawers. That so didn't come out right.


Turns out a last minute search in a store that had a hodgepodge of Mexican furniture would be my saving grace. I saw it while stopped at a light in Studio City and drove in on a whim, passing a woman with an enormous afro to park. I smiled, she smiled and I went into the shop. The man who owned it looked like he worked more in an auto shop than a furniture shop, and my hopes were low upon entering. However, when I asked him if he had a chest of drawers, he did. And, one that would work perfectly. He is even going to stain it the color of my choice and let me choose the hardware that I wanted on it for a fantastic price. I get it delivered this week. I'm very excited. The shop was a totally cool place with a ton of unique stuff. I can't remember the name but will post it when I do.

More later, the melatonin is kicking in.

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