Saturday, February 16, 2008

I chose to sleep during the first day of my three day weekend. I got up at 10:30, then remembered all those times during work that I wished I could just open a window, let the warm wind blow in and be in my bed. Since the weekend is three days long, I decided to go for it. I cranked open the window, crawled into bed and let the warm wind caress my face. The cats immediately joined me, and it was just perfect. An actual lazy day where I took the opportunity to laze. I woke early afternoon, then went to several antique shops to look for a dresser. I didn't find anything that would fit the space of 37 inches that I either liked or was in my price range. I'm shooting for cheap, which I know can be done, but it will just take a bunch of plowing through lesser known shops. There are some real gems in the least likely of places. Apparently there's a huge fair in Long Beach tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. There are a lot of stores I want to hit here.

This is the chest of drawers that I really want. However, it's too wide and for this apartment, too expensive. I have enough high-end furniture and wonderful antiques that dress the place up, but I'm not into adding more right now. I'm looking for functional, but nice enough. There are tons available, it's just finding them. Craigslist has produced nothing. Guess I'll have to look at eBay for my online perusals. I have the Restoration Hardware sleigh bed that I bought at the store, and that dominates my bedroom. I also have my beautiful Victorian vanity that I bought off eBay from a wonderful seller.

I've been lazy with the blog because so much has been happening that I can't keep up with posting it all. I'm going to have to think of a new posting cadence, if you deal with it.

Scout has her lampshade off a week or so ago and is really happy now. She's so cute, walking around the apartment with her bum and back leg shaved on one side. Cracks me up. She's a tortie so her skin is the same color as her fur, patchwork colors, but more muted.

I'm going out in an hour, so have to get myself in gear. Like I've said before, my social life has improved leaps and bounds since leaving Baltimore.

Was in my coffee shop and Turtle from Entourage walked in. I was writing on my laptop, and I looked up, thinking that I knew him from a previous job or something. Then I realized it was Turtle and went back to writing. He looks exactly the same as he does in the show.

Okay, time to primp. Tomorrow the search for the chest of drawers continues. If anyone in Los Angles knows of places I should look, email me.

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