Thursday, January 24, 2008

Right now there is a Tornado Warning for Malibu, Topanga, and Pacific Palisades.

What. The. Fuck.

And yes, that is a Warning. Not a Watch. I grew up in Kansas and do know the difference. Where I am, we've been having torrential rains for the past two days. Yesterday was on and off, with some really long spells, and this one hasn't let up since around mid-afternoon.

I got on Well, sort of. It's actually the second time that I've sent him tidbits that got on the site, one of which he posted a few months ago about the passing of Brooke Astor. The last sentence in that article is mine, and that sentence is exactly why I sent it. I completely don't mind if he "borrows" phraseology. I'm sending it to him because he reaches a different audience.

The headline on the Ledger article reads exactly as I sent it, except that he left out Heath's first name, and was posted not a half hour after I emailed it to him. Though I'm mentioning it here, I asked not to be identified as the source because his site gets millions of hits each day. I'd found out about this really early, before it even broke the news. It was a fluke that I did, so I sent it to Perez, who has been a guilty pleasure of mine from time to time. Also, because he runs his own site, he's accessible unlike major news organizations where the mail would go into some folder and be forgotten. This was my email to him:

-----Original Message-----
From: annehe (domain removed to prevent spam)
Sent: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:28 am
Subject: Hate Church Plans to Picket Heath Ledger's Funeral

Fred Phelps and his Westboro baptist "church" (i.e. extended family) intend to picket Heath Ledger's funeral because he starred in Brokeback Mountain. I have no power by myself, but if his funeral is in Australia, perhaps those of you with a voice can persuade the government there to NOT grant them visas into the country. These people are disgusting. I grew up in Topeka and went to high school with some of their kids before they started this crap. Even then everyone knew they were "off" and avoided them. Think "Carrie" sans the supernatural powers. Talk about tortured and withdrawn. I can only hope some of them escaped. Please do not publish my name or url. And please do what you can to stop this.

Their website is, as I'm sure you know:
(removed so my blog won't directly link to his site, nor publicize it.)

Thank you. -- Anne

And this was the result, less than half an hour later. Note the headline. Good on you, Perez. Way to spread the word. By the comments the article generated, (last time I checked there were over 1200 of them) I think that my goal of spreading the word on the evil intentions of these people were met. If anyone can exact a shitstorm on these inbred lunatics, he can. It won't change them as people, but it just might prevent them from achieving their sick goal. If you want to view the photo large, click here.

The story I broke to Perez Hilton

Here is a link to the actual article.

And yes, there was a Phelps in every grade in my high school, but as I mentioned in the email, their family wasn't up to their idiocy yet so no one knew just how fucked their home life was. We just knew the Phelps kids never really mixed with anyone. You knew their names but no one really knew them. They were like ghosts floating in the hallways, clutching their books to their chests as if they provided body armor. Their moon-faced mugs are in all my yearbooks.

I hope some of them escaped this hateful lunatic.

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