Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's windy in Los Angeles, and I'm listening to the gusts push everything around from my blinds, the palm trees and fronds scraping against the sidewalk.

Things are still going well in the work department. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with such great people in a great position. It all wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had that epiphany while temping one cold day in Baltimore. I just finally decided to come back to LA. I'm thankful for the position and the people and as I've always said when posting about this job, I hope it lasts. Especially when I hear that Warner Bros. is threatening to lay off almost a thousand people. The writers were out in force on Monday because of that, and I saw my old boss at Warner standing among them, not striking but talking. I was on my way home for lunch and saw her there. Just another life I've come in contact with here and whose story I have part knowledge of. I think her job is secure there so I'm not worried for her.

I went to Urth Caffe two weekends ago and ran into a woman who worked in accounting at The Wire. I went over and talked to her and we marveled at the small world. When she worked on The Wire, she already lived full-time in Los Angeles and was just in Baltimore for the work.

On the other side of the coast in Baltimore, my mom ran into Sonja Sohn in the Apple Store, who sent the message via my mom for her to tell me hello. I don't know Sonya that well, but ran into her a lot in the Starbucks during and after The Wire and we always ended up chatting. That, and at parties for the show. My mom had also met her before a couple times. The Wire continues to resonate in my life.

A few weeks ago I went to a movie premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theater with my friend John. Hi John! We had a great time, caught up, drank and ate and danced and talked to lots of people. It was a great after party and a really interesting movie called Crazy, about guitarist Hank Garland. There were a lot of actors and a great mix of really interesting people there, including for you Heroes fans, Ally Landry, and Cuba Gooding Jr. who was all smiles and energy. Exactly what one would expect when seeing him. John's friend was in the movie, a woman who had great positive energy and was fun. After the party, on the way out of the parking structure I heard a large scrape behind me, and saw that the noise had come from a Lamborghini that had kissed the asphalt when coming out of the lot. I winced, and when it pulled up beside me, Cuba was at the wheel. He hadn't been going fast, unlike The Douche. It was a tough exit for a low car like that. However, out of any driveway or short incline, I'd be driving it like it had training wheels.

I'm in the process of paying down some debt which feels awesome. I have a way to go because moving was expensive even with the help from my dad, a.k.a., road trip buddy, and Jack. It feels good to call up and pay off outstanding bills from Baltimore, like old tickets, or to pay a lot more than the minimum on my credit card payments. It's going to be slow going, but every time I make a payment it's a mini-closed chapter and I feel great. On the other hand, I'm continuing to update the wardrobe and am finding great bargains. It's all about patience and pacing.

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