Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On Sunday, I partied on a work night. Yes, I'm still working, for all of you who asked. Not at Warner, but at an entertainment advertising agency doing the exact same thing for the exact same money. Thing is, I only work two days a week so I'm going to have to fill in the other three days with something. Luckily, today someone called in sick so I got an extra day out of it this week. I've thought of seasonal Barnes and Noble work because of two things. The writers have gone on strike and it's before the holidays. Can we say...double whammy.

When I was dog sitting for Cathy and Reese, I stopped in my old store and saw my manager that I'd worked for in the Calabassas store. He told me without prompting, "You were one of my best employees."

I was touched by that. One, because of my supercalafragalisticsadomasochistic last day experience at the Baltimore store, a tale I still haven't told that makes his statement so poignant. Like I said some time I'll tell that story. In short, this woman got in trouble from corporate for not dealing with a very serious issue that I brought to her attention several times. She did nothing about it, the issue worsened, and I finally had to go up. It was an issue that could have put money in my pocket were I litigious. If fact, when I told the story to the people at "The Wire," they asked me why I didn't sue. As luck had it, she was the manager on my last day there and let's just say handled it poorly and well weird. However, in my quest for employment, publicly spilling the beans on the gross misdeeds of others isn't the best thing to do.

I probably won't try to work at that store even though I really enjoyed it there. I'll most likely try for somewhere closer to home to fill the gaps while I'm looking for full-time work. It will keep me busy, certainly provide lots of interesting stories for this blog, and to be honest I really like the work as long as it never takes place again in White Marsh, Maryland. The customers there are some of the most vile, stupid, gross and negative human beings I've ever come across.

So, about partying on a work night. Los Angeles offers many options and I decided to take one up tonight. LAX has Banana Split Sundae, which is a pairing of two of the top DJ's in Los Angeles spinning records. I've always been a fan of club music...let me clarify that. Good club music of the heard on KCRW ambient electronica kind. It was fun dancing, the place makes a damn good cosmo and it was fun to see all the kids dancing to great beats spun by Steve Aoki and others. And yeah, I danced too and had a great time. You couldn't resist the beat and the scene was great, bodies dancing everywhere, moving in time to the music. While getting my groove on, a few club kids/boys grabbed me to dance with them, quite a bit younger than me. One of the mod haired hipsters yelled at me, "You're so awesome!" then hugged me. Cracked me the hell up. I had been half and half about going, got dressed for it, did a drive by and then decided to go for it. I'm glad I did. A great show, and intimately laid out where I could watch the DJ's spin up close. On the way home from the club, a thick mist moved in capping the ending to a very surreal night, one where I had many David Byrne "How did I get here?" moments.

Most importantly, the place makes great Cosmos.

Since I'm fresh back in Los Angeles, at times I want to experience a "nightlife" sort of night out. That's the great thing about being here. Everything is here if you want it on every night of the week. To find the good clubs on a good night, I've made sure I'm up on the scene and am on the mailing lists. From there, gravy. Luckily, my work day starts at 10:00AM and we gained an hour in the day. However, it was still tough on Monday. At lunch time, I was both ravenous and tired.

It's been beautiful here, with fall settling in and offering crisp days. My spirits are still up, and before going out on the town I took a walk through the neighborhood.

Thanks to all who wrote concerned about my job situation. Really, I expected this my first year or so here, for there to be fits and starts of employment. Sure, I'd much rather have had a great job as soon as I put my foot on LA soil, but I'm a lot more realistic now. And patient.

As long as I can go dance it off once and a while.

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