Monday, November 12, 2007

I had a flurry of job leads come my way through the creative agencies I'm with, one which resulted in an interview on Tuesday for a freelance copywriting gig. The leads are when they call you and ask if they can submit you to a client. I'm still working at the advertising firm proofreading the movie collateral. It's been kind of cool to see how that whole process works and to proof something that's going on the side of a building. I'm still doing that Monday and Friday, and the women that I work with are all very nice and interesting people. That's the great thing about temping; the souls that you come across. I enjoy meeting people and knowing who's out there, if that makes sense. The more I do it, the more of a soul network I make, meaning that I've alerted them that I'm out here as well. It really is a privilege when I think about it.

WGA Strike

Since the studio is right across the street from me, I'm privy to the writer's strike. Every week day, they are out and the honking begins. Note in the above photo, the "Honk for Unions" sign which is one of many prompting passersby to honk. On Friday, some guy had an air horn he was blowing. That was put to a stop immediately by my neighbor who was as irritated as I was. They do it to interrupt filming and make their point. However, this person, paired with the drummer whom I dubbed "the little drummer cunt" in my half wakefulness were promptly silenced.

The thing is, I support the writers %100. Just take a look at Google and You Tube's revenues, and you understand why the people who create the content want a their fair residuals when their work is shown through via the internet. It's become a very important venue for entertainment, and when internet companies are done correctly it's an incredibly profitable and visible medium. And, what they are asking for isn't much. Just to be compensated like everyone else. I do worry about the "below the line" people. They are getting killed by this. Grips, ADs, PA's, make up, sets people.

wga_strikeI wandered down to the strikers area and took a few pictures. They are congregated at all gates at Warner Bros. so it's like a big party every day outside my apartment. There's an energy in the air and a sense of purpose and change. Based on the honking, the writers have a lot of support. Everyone from regular drivers, motorcycles, delivery trucks, catering coaches, buses, fire trucks, ambulances, and eighteen wheelers whose horns bellow and echo. The writers march back and forth across the street. The hours for the strike are 9-6, I think but I've heard action much earlier. Each person must strike for four hours.

Actor from MoonlightPeriodically, actors from the shows come out and join the strikers. When I was there, Jason Dohring from Moonlight showed his support. I wouldn't have recognized him from the show, as he looks different, but there were some fans of the show there who made a bee line toward him. He was very nice to them, taking pictures with them and talking to them for a long time. Some of the writers from Moonlight also thanked them for their support. I've watched it a couple times and thought it was good.

WGA Strike - Jerry O'Connell?I also think I inadvertently photographed Jerry O'Connell without realizing it at the time. Is this him? You can view a larger picture by clicking on it. Someone saw it on Flickr and told me it was. He's the guy in the blue sweatshirt in the foreground. Hard to believe, if this is him that he was the chubby kid in Stand By Me. Since I've posted these, I've gotten a lot of emails from writers thanking me for the photos. I guess a lot of them are scanning Flickr to look for themselves or people they know. For me, it's yet again another way that souls let me know they are out there.

On Saturday, Gary, Becca and I went to see American Gangster at the Hollywood and Highland complex. Well, the movie was playing at the Mann Chinese, but it's right next to the complex and even more important has parking that the theater validates. We had dinner before and it was great to catch up and chat, laugh, reminisce but it went by too fast. After the movie, we were on our way out and I saw celebrity blogger Perez Hilton going up the escalator in all his fuchsia-haired glory. Becca and Gary, to their immense credit, had no idea who he was. However, I now admit to you dear blog readers, that he's been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite a long time. Way before his blog took off. A few months ago, I actually sent him an email requesting that he mention Brooke Astor's passing in his blog and he not only took me up on it, but "borrowed" a few verbatim sentences from my email as well without asking. I didn't mind on this occasion.

Bed is calling. Time to enjoy the silence before the writers start up again. At least I won't oversleep on work days.

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