Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is just so completely awful, senseless and tragic. Who could do such a thing? How can you look into a crowd of people who did NOTHING to you, walk among them, knowing you are their death?

I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about the politics here. I don't. The truth is, it doesn't fucking matter because acts like this are done by soul-less monsters. This horrific event won't get the coverage that it deserves. We won't learn about the families who lost loved ones and the holes that it rips in their lives. There will be no year anniversary follow ups showing the empty beds, places at the dinner table, the silence of their voices at work. Why? Because these were mostly Muslims and this happened in a Muslim country. The people in Pakistan dress differently than us and speak a language that has no combination of consonants or vowel sounds that most of us can remotely identify as familiar words. Had this happened in a mall in America it would be first page news on every newspaper around the world. We'd be shocked by images of people that look like us, and bloodied familiar icons. Gap basics, Juicy Couture warm-up jackets, T-shirts with familiar movie icons on them, Nikes, iPods, iPhones, skateboards, hand-held video game consoles, baby strollers, shopping bags with every label imaginable, credit cards, purses, Starbucks cups and the pristine surfaces and mall decor a stark contrast to the carnage.

I just don't understand that level of monstrosity. How can one think that anything will come of it except for heartbreak, shock and pain? And no, just because it looks different there doesn't make it any less close to home us in the rest of the world.

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