Monday, September 03, 2007

We had more shaking today. Sitting at my computer, felt the ground shake under my chair, saw and heard my monitor wobbling. Just a little wobble, a little shaking for about ten seconds. I'm never sure if it was actually a quake, unless of course it's obvious, until the news breaks confirming it. This one was a 4.7 out somewhere. Had it been a 4.7 near us, it would have definitely felt stronger. We were having what Los Angelenos, and many Californians refer to as earthquake weather. Sounds ludicrous, but I wondered if we'd have one because yep, felt like earthquake weather. Hot, a tad of humidity to the air, oppressive. Heavy air, if that makes sense.

It was ludicrous hot today, still is. Got in the high hundreds. Supposed to be the same tomorrow. Before bed each night I've taken a cold shower and stood in front of the fan or air conditioner to get really cold. I hate sleeping in warm rooms. I like to burrow, and warm rooms don't allow for that.

I went to West Hollywood to eat at Urth Caffe and it was stifling hot there as well. It was the first time that people were fighting for inside tables over the ones outside. I actually wrote in my journal, one that I have had for several years. Before blogging, I'd go through them every few months. This one records slices of life from before I left Los Angeles for Baltimore, to coming back. After that I went to Z Gallery to pick up a second vase that I should have bought when I got its mate. I'm watching my budget, so it was great to finally find a vase that looks expensive, but isn't. The stores were dead today. Too hot, and everyone was on vacation somewhere else.

My mom sent me a beautiful necklace from Thailand and I was complimented on it twice in BH today, my first time wearing it. One, at Teuscher, and the second at Z Gallery. I'll tell her that she did well. Jeez, Urth and Teuscher, how Entourage am I? If you watch the show, you'll get it. I was going to both way before either were hip. After I picked up my vase, I went to the Farmer's Market. I need faux pretty um, fauna for the vases, but didn't find any. I'm opting for the more artistic than real looking stuff. Perhaps Michaels will have them, but I'm picky.

On Saturday at Starbucks near my house, I was typing away on the laptop trying not to breathe in the drift of a hygienically challenged man when Morgan Fairchild walked in. I don't know who her plastic surgeon is, but the man/woman is an artist. She looked phenomenal.

Still enjoying the job and the people. They are a great group and very funny. It's a really cohesive environment which is exactly what I need right now.

Next weekend, I'm taking Shannon to see Underworld and Paul Paul Oakenfold at the Hollywood Bowl. Should be a killer concert, and the Bowl is incredible anyway. We're going to have a blast and he was incredibly excited. The love of music is something that we share a thousand times. Many times we'd see live shows in LA, which I'd love to get back into doing.

Letting the cosmo sink in. It's three in the morning and I just finished watching A Clockwork Orange. Brilliant film. We've been working on Kubrick packaging and that is one of the titles. Still holds up today. I must have seen it over 15 years ago, at least, and in bits at that on pay cable. Doing the packaging made me want to see it, and now I have. Good old NetFlix.

Off to bed. I've taken the cold shower, and am sitting in front of the fan to get cold. Well, cool. After I finish my cosmo, time to sink into my pillows and let the sleigh bed be my world for the next several hours.

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