Thursday, September 27, 2007

Note: If you haven't seen Superman Returns, don't read this post. Contains spoilers.

Okay, I warned you.

It's not every workplace that you can run into the son of Superman and Lois Lane in the ladies room. I made a routine, um...pit stop at work and a mother and what appeared to be a kid were in the two stalls next to me. As I was washing my hands, I noticed the kid was reluctant to come out and standing, peeking out at me through the stall door. I could see what were clearly boys pants and shoes in the stall so I turned around and smiled at my Witness. For those of you older than 25, you'll get the reference. Mom, pretty, tanned, toned and blond, emerged, and so did the boy. I said, "I thought that was a little boy in there!" He smiled, busted but clearly seeing I was cool with it and the three of us got to chatting. The mom told me that they'd been caught in a forest fire that had crossed the freeway on the way here. At some point, I crossed my eyes at the kid and he did it back, but I can't remember what led up to that. He was a sweet kid, and completely at ease with strangers. I'm guessing he was around eight or nine years old, but I have no idea.

I took the work I'd set on the glass shelf, which was a mechanical for Superman packaging, and his mom noticed it right away. She mentioned something about her son and Superman, and I clearly didn't get the connection. At first, I thought she said he was a big fan of Superman but then she said he was in Superman Returns. Believe it or not, I haven't seen the movie, but have caught parts of it on HBO. I remember of the parts that I did see, I thought the boy was really good. I explained to them that I hadn't seen it but had wanted to, and that every time I caught it on HBO it had already started so I turned it off because I wanted to watch it from the beginning.

I asked the boy, whose name is Tristan, if he was in Australia for a long time. His mom told me he was there for eight and a half months, and I asked him if he was going to be in the next one. He said, thrusting up his fingers for each number, that he was going to be in "two and three." I told him he had quite a career, and how much fun he must be having. I told him he could have used Superman today to blow out that fire.

The two were there for an audition for Supernatural. There's a "super" connection so maybe he'll get it. He seemed like a normal happy kid and that's always good to see. In fact, so much that he reminded me a little of Alec, my nephew. However, this kid was clearly more polished in dealing with adults. Alec is comfortable with them because he's been around a ton of them, but this boy was seasoned and a little more loose. However, very much still a kid, hence the eye crossing moment...even though I did it first.

Shut up.

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