Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's about time that I changed that horrid looking title. It's not going to win any ID awards, but it's better than the pixely mess that was there before. Sometimes it's hard to believe I went to design school. I went before the Web hit, and a year before our school got a computer lab. While at school, I was complaining that we were entering the job market unprepared. A fancy label, but no substance that showed we were cutting edge. Of course, I had other issues when I graduated. I thought for one, that I had to know absolutely everything. I didn't go on one interview after college that was in my field out of fear that I wasn't going to live up to the school that I went to. Now, I'm content to let a pixely title exist on my blog that for some reason gets a lot of traffic. Oh, how far I have come.

Yesterday, I was leaving work when I saw a squirrel peering into the lobby. She was standing there, peering in at all of us through the glass door. Because the door has a metal kick plate, only her head was visible which was completely adorable. I couldn't believe it, but apparently she's somewhat of a mascot who has befriended the guards and many employees. They gave me some peanuts for her, and she could barely contain herself with excitement. She tried to get inside, and followed me to every door as I tried to get out without her darting past me inside. She's made a few trips into the lobby, but if one has food she follows them right back out. I went for it, and she danced around me as I walked away from the door, the pied piper of one squirrel. I can't even begin to describe the adorable quotient as she took a nut from my hand with such gentleness and precision that I swore she was being polite. I'll try to get pictures of her. She's incredibly tame, and ate inches away from me as I squatted down beside her.

Today the President of the television arm of the company hosted a meeting about new releases. It was incredibly interesting and I went with two coworkers and sat in the front row. I had a moment of being proud of myself for making the trip back to Los Angeles and already being in a situation like that after only a few months. There is more going on, but I'll keep that close to the vest for now. I was sitting in between two very nice people and listening to a Hollywood heavyweight talk to us like he was having us over for dinner, making a setting with several hundred people feel like a couple dozen. It's a first class company, and I'm proud to be a part of it, even though I'm just a contractor. After the event, we went to the commissary to pick up lunch and saw Maura Tierney from ER. About that time, all the shows break for lunch. One time, when I took my mom on the lot for a set visit Cathy had arranged for us to watch them film ER, we passed the entire cast of Friends on the way to the set. Cathy was working on ER, which is why we got to visit. When we got there, George Clooney and Noah Wiley were shooting hoops outside with an old looking dirty basketball. I turned to my mom and said, "They need a new ball," and George Clooney turned around and said to me, "Yeah, I know," and laughed, shooting me his winning grin. I had no idea he'd heard me, and turned several colors of pink, I'm sure. However, I managed to just smile back.

I'm finding myself looking forward to Eastern Promises, the new Viggo Mortenson movie. I think there's something wrong with me, but in the previews I'm finding the sleazed up tattooed Russian accented criminal Viggo incredibly hot. Now, I've always thought he was hot, but Jeez, when I saw him like this he just tapped into some dark fantasies of mine.

It's 2:06AM, and I'm having my cosmo. It's the weekend, and that's the beauty of weekends. I can feel the drink sinking in, and I love it. And, I still have half of it to go.

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