Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playing in shadowsI took this yesterday while the sun set. Had been a while since I did a self portrait. The sun was coming in the house through the blinds and hitting my face in interesting light patterns, so I grabbed my little point and shoot digital camera and this was the result. I have on sunscreen, which all of you should wear daily, regardless of weather and season, and in the photo it sort of gave my skin a shimmery effect. Easier seen in the larger versions. It looks really dark in the room, but it wasn't. Just the effects of the light.

underworldOn Sunday night, I went to see Paul Oakenfold and Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl. I took Shannon for his birthday. What a show. Base thumping in the Hollywood Hills out in the stars, bodies silhouetted against the light of the stage, and freaking Underworld, man! If you've seen Trainspotting, you've heard their music. Barely. And yeah, they go that far back and even more so. Way ahead of the pack in the electronica movement. Worth exploration if you aren't familiar. I got nicely buzzed, let my senses take everything in, noise surround my skin, dancing, being, experiencing. The next day, I found out that my boss had been to the concert, as another woman down a couple cubes from her. I knew I liked the place. All these closet ravers.

I've started back with ballet and was greeted by a big hug from my teacher, who hadn't seen me in years. I'd checked the website and was thrilled that she was still teaching. Many of the same students were there as well. One of them, who is really good said to me in class, "It's so good to have you back." Wow, what a nice reception. Even more because it felt good to be back. I've got my work cut out for me in the catch-up department. Wobbly shaky legs, out of breath, dizzy on the turns, but it's all good. I know it will take some time. It's great to get the body working again, and so fun because of the energy of that place. An artistic, alive energy. Next door, a ballroom class takes place, and people of all colors, ages, backgrounds dancing. The same with our ballet class. Even though I'm out of shape, my body is responding. I already feel better, and I can tell it's up for the task.

I'm contemplating a cosmo before bed. Speaking of bed, last night I had a dream that the boy I had a mad crush on in middle school was walking past me as an adult. I said his name, and he turned, not recognizing me. I said my name and he remembered. I was with someone, and he was alone. I asked him for his email address to catch up and he wouldn't give it to me. Stung, I walked off, reverting into that shy twelve-year-old when it came to liking boys. Then, I remembered I was an adult and got angry. I turned around, went looking for him to scold him for not being receptive. I must have been thrashing or moving some way in my sleep, because just as I was about to tell him how rude he was, I heard meowing.

ME: (fighting to not lose focus of the dream) Shut up, Atticus.

ATTICUS: MEOW Mrrr. MEOW mrrrr. meOWW.

ME: (dream fading. Man/boy in front of me, looking at me, fading.) Shut up Atticus. I have unfinished business.


ME: (Awake. Still pissed at the man/boy in my dreams.) Could you have waited five minutes?

ATTICUS: MEOW. prrrrrrrr.

I pet Atticus, who flops on his side, euphoric.

ME: (Staring up at ceiling, to the man/boy somewhere in the ether.) Dick.

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