Sunday, September 30, 2007

Huge coup on Saturday.

wardrobeOn a whim, I advertised my Ikea wardrobe on Craigslist at a super cheap price. I've been wanting to part with it since Baltimore. Yes, since Baltimore, meaning I moved it across country when I couldn't unload it there. On Thursdsay, I called Salvation Army to come pick it up on Tuesday. It's a really nice wardrobe. Cost me a few hundred, but it was just too big. On Friday, I put the ad on Craigslist. This morning, a woman and her friend who happened to be a mover with a big truck, came and picked it up. I sold it for get this, $75. I love LA for that. So many lives going so many directions. Like the free monitor, what you want to unload, someone else needs. It wasn't about the money. Sure, if I could get some money for it great. However, it was about unloading it for me and putting something within reach for someone who needed it. I was happy to give her a "steal."

The woman who bought it was here from Mississippi to be an actress. She lived six minutes from me by car. Immediately likable, and I told her I was glad the wardrobe was going to a good home. I spent the day at Michael's buying supplies for my next project, which is scrap booking all the mementos I've kept since grade school. Right now, I'm just organizing them. I felt like such an old fart, shopping with all the scrapbooking ladies. I did notice that many of them were young, but it didn't help me. And yes, I did buy some Martha Stewart scrap booking supplies.

Shut up. The woman and me were both born on August 3rd, so it's excusable. At least that's what I kept telling myself. I'm not going to make a cheesy scrapbook, just a nicely organized one.

Speaking of Craigslist, I bought a razor scooter from a couple in Glendale who had advertised one. It was brand new in the box, just never used. After practicing through the wide streets in the neighborhood behind me, then moving to narrower and more rugged sidewalks, I rode it to and from work after lunch on Friday and managed not to bust my skull open. It's actually more exercise than I thought. I had to keep pushing with my other foot to get any kind of speed up. I feel like a big kid on it but it works. I wish it went faster, but with the small wheels on it I'm not going to be breaking any speed records. People at work were incredibly amused when I brought it in, and the guards thought it was great.

I realized though that I need a back pack. My purse sliding off my arm isn't good for balance or speed.

Carson from Queer EyeLast weekend, after babysitting the dog I went shopping. Upon walking into BeBe I was startled by three men with big cameras on their shoulders. I'd been so intensely shopping that I'd failed to notice them and almost walked right into one. I wondered what on earth they were doing, then saw the familiar face of Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They were filming an episode for the new show of the same name except it's for the Straight Girl. Bigger pics are of course available at Flickr.
Carson from Queer Eye

Earlier in the day, I'd been at the Calabassas Avenue where I saw Travis Barker, a paparazzi favorite who had one of his sons in tow. I was impressed that he was kind to the fans who approached him, though I have no idea why he's famous. I know he was on an MTV show or something like that, but he's hard to miss in a crowd. Especially in Calabassas.

I may be going to see Crystal Method on Tuesday with friends. Should be a
great show.

No surprise, I'm sipping a cosmo. I've been so jazzed about offloading the wardrobe that it sent me on a cleaning and organizing frenzy. I'm so proud of myself for just deciding to do it and also for continuing to downsize. It's put me in a happy energetic state and it's been hard to shut down today. My place is looking super nice, especially for it being a very vanilla apartment. I'll have to take some pictures of it soon. I'm so glad I moved here. It's not only opened a lot of doors but enabled me to close some others. It's easier to get rid of things now. They don't have the hold on me that they once did. I'm donating another batch of clothing tomorrow. Between that, the monitor and the wardrobe it's left me feeling really good.

And much, much lighter.

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