Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hi Cathy and Reese,

I'm blogging this from Cathy's computer, a glass of white wine at my side. Pinkerton is in bed, but seemed a little wound because his mommy and daddy weren't home. I had to walk him up the stairs and he reluctantly followed. Once he was in the spot however, his routine kicked in. I left him sniffing around his bed.

I'm doggy sitting for one night at my friends house for a little Schipperke named Pinkerton. It rained buckets today and I wasn't sure if I was going to get to walk him, but once I was here it cleared up and we went shopping. He was a big hit at the upscale outdoor shopping plaza in Calabassas. The fun part was watching the kids with him, particularly the twin toddlers, one of them whose mother had to pry her hand from the leash, and the other a little girl about the same age that kept saying, "goggy." Their little hands would pat his head and Pinkerton was gentle and patient. Of course, before the moms let their kids in touching range I let them know he was good with children. And, he is. I've watched him with them and Cathy and Reese have said how good he is with the little ones. He's patient, sits still for them and lets their little clumsy hands explore and touch. There are few things cuter than watching little kids with animals.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside, with huge puffy clouds against a deep blue sky. This morning it rained and the clouds crept over the mountains splitting in tendrils. It looked like a giant ghost's hand curling his grey fingers over them. It was awesome. I snapped this picture in between downpours. If you want to see a bigger version, click on it to go to my Flickr page.

Los Angeles Storm

This evening, the sunset that the clouds produced was nothing short of spectacular.

It's odd, but when I'm in someone else's house, my biorhythms become more normal. I'm tired earlier and not fighting bed like I do when I'm at home. Last night my dreams weren't good, mostly because I've missed a few days of my medication and intense dreams are a side effect. My prescription is out and I'll have to wait until Monday to get it transferred to an LA pharmacy and filled.

Shannon and I went to Toi on Thursday night and had great Thai food. That place is prime for people watching and didn't disappoint that night. As I looked at some of the patrons, all hipstered out, I told Shannon that a part of me misses my twenties when we'd go out in huge groups and have a great time. And yes, we were all hipstered out as well, as most of my friends were artists or hipster nerds. Don't get me wrong, I still can turn on the hip but in a different, less transparent way. There's a nice advantage to being older and wiser. Back then group outings were a regular thing, two to three times a week and the people and places always provided a story. Too bad blogs weren't available to me then. However, it's all in my journals. Including Timothy Leary's last birthday party at his house before his death. At the same time, I told Shannon, there's a part of me that is really glad I'm not there anymore, at least in that head space. Most of those friends I made through work, when the Web was young and a place for rebels and misfits. Now it's mainstream and I don't think the same vibe could be repeated as it wouldn't attract the same mentality. Thankfully, I kept the friends. They are true originals and completely authentic.

Los Angeles is also a fantastic place to see music and I plan to do that more. However, I want to get my life a little more oriented before I start gallivanting around. The beautiful thing about being here is that it's all available to me. And while going on outings takes a little more planning now, so are my friends.

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