Friday, August 10, 2007

We had a little shaking the other night.

I was reading in bed, and it started shaking. Then, so did the walls and ceiling. I turned on the radio, and they were just going to news. The guy says, "Looks like we just had some shaking there," and it was confirmed. The radio station is located near me, so they'd felt what I had.

About a half hour earlier, Scout had been scratching at the door to get out. She doesn't do that often, so I'm wondering if she sensed something coming. Weird, but I've been thinking that it's only time before California gets a good shake. They are happening all over the world, big ones. This one was centered in Chatsworth, and not part of the San Andreas fault. So, no pressure was released on that fault. People are always talking about "the big one," in California. Well, the Northridge one was pretty damn big, but again, not related to the the San Andreas which is 150 years overdue for its shift. LA has been quiet of pretty late, considering. The one this week was a 4.6, and shallow. However, it was short.

It's always weird to feel the earth shake underneath you, and hear the roof over your head and surrounding walls resist the ride that its host is giving it.

On a funny note, I got carded getting liquor on my birthday. The man looked at my ID and said, "impossible." No, not impossible, but certainly flattered.

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