Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm praying for all you people in Jamaica. That is one hell of a storm coming your way. It could turn into a category 5 by landfall. The news has been rife with natural disasters, and my same sentiments to all the people affected in Peru by the earthquake. It's so scary that one minute, you have a house and home and the next complete displacement and chaos.

I look at hurricane Dean and just can't help thinking that someone alive right now, breathing, living, thinking is going to die because of this hurricane. They have no idea that they are living the last few hours on earth. I remember thinking the same thing when Katrina was bearing down on New Orleans. Sure, it could happen to any of us anywhere. In traffic, a freak accident, whatever. I was walking around Ikea today in the self service areas, where at least three stories of merchandise was on palettes on huge shelves. I thought that I wouldn't want to be here when an earthquake hit. What a way to go. Crushed by a stack of unassembled Billy bookshelves.

Anyway, hold on tight Jamaica. Hell is coming to paradise.

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