Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I changed the picture to this placeholder. Knowing me, I don't know how long of a placeholder it will be. I chose this because it's LA based, and well, I'm in LA now.

I'm at home on my lunch break. This weekend I hung out in Beverly Hills, shopped at my old places and scored incredible deals. I got $200 jeans for $50 at Barney's New York. Yep. I got a Elie Tahari jacket and a Saks Signature collection shirt for a fraction and I mean, fraction of the price. I think I was paying 20% of the price when it came down to it. And I'm not talking not 20% off, but 80% off. When it comes to scoring at expensive department stores, I'm usually unmatched in my abilities to find the killer deal. Even the guy at Barney's said about the jeans, "Wow. I didn't know we still had any left at this price. You scored."


Truth is, I'm keeping a tight budget because my future is uncertain. However, my clothing situation was not what it should be. We can dress casually at work, but I didn't have a large casual wardrobe that I felt was presentable and varied. I also donated off a ton of clothing at the 24 hour dry cleaners just down the street from me because they have a program to give to charity. So awesome to know that. They did an fantastic job on clothing that I'd been lugging around in a bag for over a year, meaning to dry clean. I'm wearing one of the shirts now, and glad to have in back in my wardrobe. It was like getting a bunch of new clothes. I'm in the process of a slow molting of the wardrobe because I need to. Now that I'm near the big fashion places I can put my deal-keen nose to work.

Now, off to drop some bills into the mailbox and then back to work.

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