Sunday, July 01, 2007

Went to the Hollywood Bowl tonight with Cathy and Reese. A beautiful thing, to be with friends and drink wine, eat food and sing along to the Sound of Music. Yes, sounds strange, but was so good to let go, look at Venus to the left and the full moon rising to the right. Hear voices talking, singing, see so many people enjoying themselves. To be with friends, laugh, eat, drink. This is what life is all about.

Spending time with friends, being so glad that you met them and that they are a part of your life. To be near them again. I had my first star sighting at the concert. The first since being back in Los Angeles. Marg Helgenberger, from CSI was dressed in habit with about ten friends. Reese was the one to spot her walking in front of our seats, and she sat two sections from us where she then took off the habit. Clever disguise, and kudos to Reese for spotting her. Reese had worked on CSI, and therefore had trained eyes. Lots of people were in costume, dressed as characters or you name it from the movie. There was a grand prize for the best costume, won by a cute little boy who dressed as a "Moonbeam in your hand." I loved it. Totally original.

After the concert, warmed with wine I took the bus to the parking lot in the LA Zoo in Griffith Park. Listened to voices of children, men and women, sat next to a woman in the dark. Both of us were silent, I was pleasantly buzzed from three glasses of red wine, thinking how lucky I was to be near wonderful friends and back where I belonged. The bus driver had killed the lights so silhouettes and the passing lights and traffic were all I saw on the way home. The bus dropped us off at the Parking Lot in the LA Zoo. I thought of all the animals sleeping so near to us. Got in my car, rolled down the windows and smelled the pine, road and earth as I drove home on Forest Lane Drive. The moon hung brightly in the sky to my left, hills passed, the road winded and led me home. I was happy. Content. My senses lapping it all up as I drove. I came to my street, turned and parked.

Now it's time to sleep. A good sleep. One where I don't have to get up in the morning. One coming after spending time with good friends. A happy sleep. One high on knowing that coming back was right.

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