Sunday, June 03, 2007

John at John's Adventures wrote an interesting entry about the lost art of the hand written note. He even went so far as to demonstrate it by handwriting his blog entry. By the way, after checking out his blog, look at his incredible photos.

It was a timely entry, as I had been thinking a lot about switching over to writing by hand to write my fiction. Perhaps it's the move and getting used to new surroundings, but I haven't really felt like producing as of late. It took me almost two weeks to even enter the laundry room, much less sit down and write as if things were like they always were.

I'd even contemplated quitting this blog, as my personal hand written journals have suffered greatly as a result. When I read them, there is much more of a natural thought process that is there than when I'm blogging. With the blog, I can backspace and rewrite. With the hand written journals, what goes down on paper stays there, recording the stops and starts of my thoughts as they appeared in real time. Or, if I had to scribble over something that I wrote to make it more clear. The journals all smell like coffee, as most of the entries were written in coffee shops, so they carry a sensory memory as well.

John told me that if I quit blogging he'd feel like an orphan. He was one of my first readers and sent me an email telling me I was completely mad. I think I was still in Los Angeles, but was in the process of moving out. Out of nowhere I get an email across the ocean from someone I don't know telling me I'm mad. At first I didn't know what to think, then it cracked me up. I have to say that journals certainly don't yield those kind of results.


Sometimes upon waking up and even during waking hours I'll have a spell of not knowing where I am for a few seconds. No, not in the literal sense, but I'll think to myself, "When I get back to LA I'm going to..." or "Oh it would be nice to be able to..." and then I'll realize that I'm already here and that I can indeed go to Urth Caffe if I want to and that all the things I yearned for are right here. Same when looking for jobs. I can apply to them because I'm here.

I've gone out a few times since being back and it's been great. Working at the temp agency is working out perfectly and I've been able to manage a freelance writing job that has come my way. The creative recruiting agency dangled a carrot in front of my face, then snatched it away. The job would have paid $85,000 a year and would have been writing for a hip national clothing company. However, upon seeing my resume the company realized I was... God I hate this term, "over qualified" and that what they needed didn't require someone with the resume that I had. So, the requirements for the job went down, as did the salary and therefore they went with someone who had less experience. I walked around gloomy for half a day until I found out that was the reason. That kind of money would have been a nice bonus for the cool job, especially since I'm determined to keep my living expenses low. Thing is, I'm looking for a right fit first over a high salary. If the money is that good after the fact, well gee that's just even more wonderful. I won't settle for less than I'm worth, but I also won't take something just because it pays well. Been there, done that. No thank you.

My apartment is looking really nice and I've gotten to know a few residents. I think just about everyone works in the entertainment industry. I was lying on my couch and had the windows open, and a couple of people walked down the stairs and passed my window. I heard one of them say that "she's fixed her place really nice," and smiled. I have some great furniture and it indeed looks nice. I've also taken care to get the artwork I have framed very nicely and it really makes a difference in wall decor. Now, just to get the last items put away and I'll be golden.

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