Sunday, May 27, 2007

I got my cable hooked up this morning during an early appointment. I have no idea why I made the appointment from 8-10 on a Saturday, but I did. I was mad at myself when 7:00 AM rolled around and all I wanted to do was stay in bed. I still had to get up and get $60 from the bank to give to the cable guy. I'm lucky, because like everything else, my bank is in walking distance. I could throw a stone and probably hit it. After trudging back to my apartment, the guy showed up around 8:30. He worked, I nodded off, and an hour later I had cable. Tonight, I watched the rest of a "Wire" episode and watched my name flash by on the credits. So strange to be sitting here in Los Angeles and see that. Felt weird and distant.

I took a walk in the neighborhood and man is it gorgeous. Houses worth millions with perfectly landscaped yards, like this one.

One of the beautiful houses in my neighborhood

And, like this monster that I walked by today.

I've already made friends with many of the cats in the neighborhood. All are healthily skeptical of me at first, then offer themselves up for a good petting once they are convinced I'm not dangerous. One of them is a great cat named Boo, who looks like a grey version of Atticus. Today, I was greeted by these three cats who I think were strays that the neighborhood is taking care of. They looked too healthy to be complete strays, but had no collars and dirty paws.

Cats in Toluca Lake.

The one in the foreground was a sweet old guy with amazing stripes on his front legs. I've never seen markings like them on a cat. This is a horrible picture I took, as I've seemed to suck at picture taking lately. For some reason, they all come out blurry. My eyes are fine, so I don't know if I'm shaking or what. I'm going to try to take a better one of these guys. I started petting black and white guy, and the other two in the background came up to join us. They all seemed to get along. I'm sure I'll see them again on my walks. This neighborhood is in Toluca Lake. I'll be taking much better pictures of it as well, and it's a perfect place for walks. I know I have only explored a fraction of it.

A hot bath is calling, then bed. Even though this is Los Angeles, it's been chilly as of late.

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