Monday, May 28, 2007

Me on the beach at Pacific PalisadesI could have spent my Memorial Day in worse places. Here I am on the beach in Pacific Palisades. I was there with a group of my friends and their kids.

It had been since I lived in Baltimore that I'd seen some of them. I've kept in touch via email and through my visits to Los Angeles. It's nice to be back in the fold again, though there is a lot of catching up to do. And though I'm not sure I'd like to live near the ocean in the greater Los Angeles area, it was wonderful to have warm sand push between my toes again.

Into the great wide open

Mitch, shirtless, and Gary hold hands with the kids. Remy, Becca and Gary's almost two year old daughter was out of the picture. I was sitting with Becca, Petra, and Kristen when I snapped this photo.

I've landed a writing gig through the creative temp agency, and possibly another one. That's great, but my goal is to land a full-time job. However, it's nice to have that happen so quickly after getting here and registering with them. To do the writing job, I'm taking off from my non-creative temp job on Wednesday. You with me? Funny thing is, the creative one will pay in a day what I make in a week at the non-creative one. Still with me? Good. I knew I had smart readers. The place where I'm working now understands I'm looking for creative work, and that these freelance jobs will come up every now and then, so it's the perfect situation for me.

My long term goal is to land a full-time job, which the creative agency seems to have an abundance of. All seem to pay really well so it's just a game of chance and the right circumstances. Eventually, one will come through them or through my own search. I'm flattered that this agency took me, as they don't just take anyone. However, I've been working to build a strong writing portfolio so opportunities like this will be available to me.

Boo the catI'd mentioned a great cat named Boo that I met on my neighborhood walks. Well, here he is. Beautiful, sweet cat. Yesterday they were all out, except the one with the stripes on his arms. No worries, I'll get a better shot of him soon. I've also decided that they aren't strays, but belong to a house in the neighborhood. Since my last walks, I've noticed a lot of the cats don't have ID on them, but are owned. Perhaps they are well trained to stay around the houses, as I always come upon them in front of the same ones.

Good, I'll rest a little easier knowing that.

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