Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alas, Comcast is no more for me. I have changed back to the AOL address until I get my permanent email address here. You can click on the "send me email" link to see the address. Note, if you have sent me email in the last couple of days, please forward it to the AOL address, as I don't have it anymore. Also, update your contacts for me.

Written Saturday, May 20th:

I'm a complete picture of contentment right now. I'm sitting in a corner table, outside at Urth Caffe. The weather is perfect, a slight wind blows and I have my jacket in case Los Angeles pulls one of its quick temperature changes. In fact, it was a jacket that drew some attention when I first snagged this perfect table. A man approached me and asked if it was a great jacket. At least that's what I thought he said. I was obviously confused, and he asked again but I understood it to be a grey jacket, second time around. Finally, sensing my utter confusion, he asked, "Are you Nicole?" "No," I said. He said, "Sorry, didn't mean to terrify you." I laughed, and told him he hadn't.

Thing is, what if I'd said I was Nicole? What would I have learned, being this other woman with the grey jacket? Mine is beige, by the way. A light beige, could be mistaken for grey in the right light.

What can I say about my first couple of weeks here? It's been a mix of some disappointments and other pleasant surprises. First disappointment was that the job I interviewed for out here just fell through. I don't know if they decided to just not have a person there or to shelve it since it was part-time. However, I learned from the recruiter that the company said they really liked me and would keep me in mind for full-time permanent positions with the major toy conglomerate. Cool. I've done work for them before. The next disappointment was learning that Shannon wasn't available for the Pirates 3 premiere. He hooked me up with another photographer whom I met a week before the event. He was a great guy, not to mention easy on the eyes, and funny. However, the event was all about me and Shannon doing it. We just have that energy and call these adventures our ShannAnnegans. Next up was one of my great contacts and good friends out here was no longer with the company that I'd done a fun job for. I was more sorry for him, but sorry that we wouldn't teaming up to do more jobs together for that company. Turns out he's happy about it and is going great guns after a ten day trip to Costa Rica to surf. Fuck yeah.

Next up, was after being invited by Disney to cover the Pirates 3 premiere for Fractalmatter.com, (I did Pirates 2 for the same outfit with Shannon photographing) they withdrew the invitation because of the overwhelming response from international major outlets. Apparently they did a huge press purge, including half of the broadcast outlets they had lined up, and being not a large name even though we have a huge amount of readers, we got the boot. Truth is, had Shannon been with me it would have been a much larger disappointment. I pleaded our case with the publicist, but in the end it wasn't to be. Some very major outlets got cut, so I don't feel that bad. I read into it that they were hell bent on beating Spiderman 3's opening weekend. Spidey beat out Pirates 2's record breaking opening weekend and they want payback. The more major international, the more buzz and being that Spidey's Tokyo opening worked. Well, who were they to not try and follow suit. All of course, which didn't help me. Upside is, I got much needed rest and more time to nest in my apartment, which is looking surprisingly cute. Imagine being a size six and trying to squeeze into a size two. That's what I've been doing with my apartment, which is much smaller than my one in Baltimore. That is, even with the "weight loss" of getting rid of a lot of stuff. However, I'm creating quite the home for myself.

Despite all this, I'm feeling great. I'm optimistic and completely glad that I made this move. Sure, I'm in the rose colored glasses period, but I'm well aware of that. I know because things feel right in my gut. So what that the first few things I had set up here didn't go the way I wanted. It's not personal. The old me would have taken it personally, thinking that there were forces against me because I was well, me. Or, that there was some big message behind it that was telling me that coming back to LA was a huge mistake. I don't think that way anymore. It's just the way things roll out and I'll just move on to the next thing. I also keep my eyes on the positive. My social life for one, has quadruple millioned. Also, I have a temp job. I went to another branch of the same temp agency that I worked through in Baltimore last week to register for temporary work so that I have an income while I look for full-time work. Instead of hooking me up with temp work, they asked me if I wanted to work in their office on a temporary basis. Guess they liked me or something. Their office is in a really cute area and I start tomorrow. Go me in getting the temporary stable income. They understand completely that I'm looking for a full-time gig in my field. That's kind of flattering when the temp agency snags you for themselves. Even funnier is that the two guys that work there are HUGE fans of "The Wire." It came up that I had come from Baltimore and that prompted the discussion. Imagine their shock. Hell, imagine my shock. It wouldn't be my first.

The next shock would come when I was searching for a new top on Melrose Avenue. I went into this hipster joint and the sales woman, an impossibly skinny 25-year-old slinked up to me and asked if she could help me. Imagine a Sarah Jessica Parker type, but prettier. Like a lot of people in Los Angeles, she was an aspiring everything. When I spoke, she told me she detected an accent from me. Though I don’t have an accent, in fact it's my lack of accent that gets that question asked of me a lot, I played along. I told her I'd just come from Baltimore. Her blue eyes brightened, framed by her light brown curly hair, and she told me that there was a show that was filmed there that she absolutely loved, called "The Wire." I was incredulous.

When I get home, I'm firing off an email to David Simon to tell him that people do indeed watch his show outside of Baltimore. He would always joke that no one watched it. The thing is, the guys at the temp agency weren't aspiring anythings. They were regular suit wearing white guys. This girl was a hip, funky white girl. David sent me an email, responding to a mass email that I sent to friends that I'd finally made it to Los Angeles. He said among other things, "Don't get captured."

I won't. That is, unless I want to.

It's now Tuesday and I'm in the middle of my second day of work at the temp agency. It's light, easy work and the people were very nice and accommodating. I have another job interview on Wednesday through the creative temp agency that I registered with. They are doing it by phone which works perfectly for me. On Wednesday, I get my hair cut at a top salon. However, I'm not paying top salon prices for it. I love it when I already know my way around a town.

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