Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm down to one week. Moving day is set, I have a consignment store
scheduled to pick up two pieces of furniture next Saturday. Score on
that one. My driving dates with my dad are set, and I'm pretty much a
sure bet to get another apartment that I found online. Shannon was nice
enough to visit it and photograph it for me. The apartment is near him,
and my bedroom window faces Warner Bros Studios. It has zero of the
charm that the other apartment did, but only costs five dollars more a
month and is in a safe, nice area in a neighborhood with million dollar
houses, wide streets and everything near by. While I sleep, the studios
will be making movie magic next door. Ideal would be a temping job
there while I look, as I could literally walk to work. The place
reminds me of my first apartment inLos Angeles , so there is a bit of
comfort in that. It has that "starting over" feel, and well, I'm
starting over. I've been on the phone with the landlord and am in
motion to rent it.

I'm still in denial. I shut down during major
life changes and become a robot, doing what I need to do. Selling
furniture, calling movers, canceling services, keeping an eye on my
bank account. I'm still temping, so I wake up, shower, pet and feed the
cats, go to work, do work, fill out my time card, walk to the temp
agency and drop it off, charm the 7-11 guy into selling me ten dollars
worth of quarters from his register, get on the subway. Get home, email
my dad to let him know when I'm coming. Stand up, fix dinner, eat, and
then continue to pack my things. I'm down to the last few items,
leaving my clothes for last.

Next, I decide what goes in the
car with me. Those are the things I'll need when I get to LA. Stuff
I'll need handy to get a job, go on interviews and temp assignments,
sleep. I'll get there before my furniture does so I may be sleeping on
a blow up mattress or borrowing Shannon's mat. I've kept a few
decorative items to bring so that the place will feel like home when I
get there. I'm happy that I know the area I'm moving to and that I've
found a one bedroom. I was almost so frustrated that I rented a studio,
but I knew I could find something if I kept at it and resisted that
urge. That is the one thing that's keeping me together during all this,
already knowing the city I'm going to. That and my superior talent for
life change denial.

I've also revved up the job search. I'm
determined to get a good one. I'm not after the whopper salary, been
there done that. Sure, I want a good salary and to get paid what I'm
worth, but the job has to be right. For that I have patience. I'm not
going back to LA blinded by pipe dreams. I know that anything that I do
of note will be of my own creation. It's just how I roll. I'm
comfortable up to a certain level when working within a company, but I
don't want to become a VP, even a Director of Whatever. I'm happy
writing copy and I'm good at it. I've worked on campaigns you've most
likely read or know about. Anything beyond that will be for my own
creations, whether that be writing, a product idea or whatever. I
realized I do have the potential to make it happen when I went at my sale the
way I did. All of a sudden I remembered that level of me who was
assertive in a business sense. I step up to the plate and get the
people in place I need to help me when I have something at stake in the
matter. Not only that, but I dealt well with the people who came to my
sale and knew what I was doing.

My dad has been setting up hotels for us to stay at on the way. He's good at this stuff and I think enjoys doing it. I do wonder how he's going to deal with two cats
in his space for four days straight. I'm looking forward to spending
the time with him.

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