Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have an apartment in Los Angeles.

Well, almost. I have to send a check in to secure it, but it's as good as mine. I won't be posting pics of it any time soon until I move in. Mostly because I haven't seen it. The landlord is nice and we've spoken a lot on the phone. Were it not for Shannon going there in person and taking pics, and meeting with him regarding renting me the apartment, it wouldn't be happening. That, and I'm sure the fact that I didn't sound like an irresponsible moron on the other end of the line when I spoke to him. That was one thing that struck me when I was calling landlords in Los Angeles. They were pretty much willing to rent to me over the phone. One said he was sorry he rented the apartment because I sounded like I'd be a good tenant, then asked me if I was a voice over professional. I told him I wasn't and he was surprised. He was a voiceover professional himself, and told me that I should get into the business. He gave me some pointers before we ended the conversation. Gotta love Los Angeles.

Thing is, the voice over industry is very specialized, small, and cut throat, no pun intended. I don't think I'd make a good VO artist because having a pleasant phone voice is one thing, but emoting like you really care about cleaning products or pet food is another.

One man whom I met in person was ready to lower his rent $100 a month for me because he liked me right off. He had some fabulous apartments that were too expensive for me and happened to see me when I was looking at his vacancy sign. However, he didn't take pets. Even if he did, and at $100 off, it was too expensive for me this first time around. They were gorgeous places that I'd seen on the internet and near another building where I was looking.

At the place I live now, my landlord tells me I'm his favorite tenant. Perhaps I just have a good tenant vibe.

And speaking of vibes, I'm starting to get calls from recruiters in Los Angeles about copywriting jobs. This is a good thing since the last few weeks I've solely been concentrating on moving and haven't done a thing on the job search front. It just happened out of the blue. One recruiter was referred to me, and another was one I'd worked with before, but a job popped up in the last week. All good signs, even if they don't pan out.

I drove to the moving office to deliver my paperwork and deposit check, and got lost. The place was located in Jessup, MD and I wasn't familiar with the area. I called, got directions to the place from where I'd gone wrong, and while on the phone with the woman a bald eagle soared into view. Awesome! I excitedly told the woman, "Oh my God, I just saw a bald eagle!" She got excited with me. I'd never seen one in person before, and it was just incredible. No mistaking that white head and wing span. Getting a little lost was well worth that and I'll never forget it. I missed the juvenile bald eagle that visited just around the corner from me, so I was happy to see one before I left the east coast. I'm completely fascinated by birds and at some point would love to visit a falconry.

I've been unable to sleep at regular hours due to the impending move, so I use the time to quietly pack, clean or organize. I just sold some books to the used place today and gave away my ceiling tins to a wonderful man who lives a block down from my mom. I'd taken them as a freebie, so having not used them, offered them up on our neighborhood BBS. I got four immediate responses and went in the order received. The first person didn't take them, so the second guy got them. I was glad they went to him and he's promised me pictures when everything is in place. I was happy they went to a good home. I'm soon going to offer up my tall set of bookshelves for free as well. It's all about lightening the load. I can almost physically feel the weight lifting, not having so much "stuff."

The other day I had a nice blogger encounter. I was sitting here typing and Meredith, of MyBlogCanKickYourBlogsButt, recognized me and introduced herself. Very cool. Check out her blog. She lives in the neighborhood.

Just got word that the gigantic toy company wants to interview me before I get to LA. Hopefully they can arrange a phone interview or if not, interview me after I get there. Either way, nice to be acknowledged.

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