Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To Atlanta and back. To being around tons of family, eating and drinking too much, remembering names and shooting hoops with my nine year old nephew, to sitting here in a sun flooded apartment after a day of work. I can hear birds chirping and Atticus is watching my every move, in case I magically pull out a Doritos chip. Atticus has placed himself directly in the warm golden caress of a sun beam. Scout lays on the floor, stretching.

I don't feel like blogging, because there are so many things I have to do. I'm working tomorrow and Friday as well. They keep asking me back so I keep coming back.

Now, it's night. Yeah, I gave in to the not feeling like blogging thing. Since then I've been to the grocery store where an old man tried to use his wheely walker/cart to boost some groceries, including $500 worth of aspirin from the store. He'd taken the loot and stashed their entire inventory inside a stolen plastic trash can, looked for an opportune time and went for it. Though I'm sure his sneakiness would put a lion's prowess to shame, he got made by an aware, not to mention completely astounded, checker. Calls for security and a slow speed chase later, the geriatric bandit was apprehended, led back into the store and into a room for holding until the poh-lice arrived.

I know I feel that much safer tonight.

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