Monday, March 19, 2007

My sale was pretty much a bomb yesterday because of the weather.

And well, that just fucking sucks. What sucks the most is that I worked hard to get it together and really wanted to move some furniture. However, from reading the Craigslist postings, everyone else who had a sale this weekend got fucked too and are rescheduling. Two days before my sale, we got a nice dose of sleet, rain and snow which left a cover of ice over well, everything. On the day of my sale it was cold and windy and no one was outside. The steps were covered with an inch of ice which made it treacherous and unwelcoming. I had signs all over the neighborhood at the kiosks, but with no one outside they weren't going to get seen. Three days before that, the weather was eighty degrees outside.

Add that this weekend is my sister's wedding reception, in Atlanta. I've been feeling pressured for time beyond belief, and may just have to postpone my move until the 10th or 15th. In fact, I just emailed my landlord and asked just that. It's the only way that I think I can manage, since there's no reason I have to be gone from Baltimore on the 1st. Also, the extension can allow me a trip out to Los Angeles to apartment search after the reception.

I can pick up any newspaper and know that people had lots worse days than I did on Sunday, but it was just a bummer. My mom had stopped by on Saturday and helped me trash a lot of crap, then cleaned the items to be sold in that sparkle clean way that only moms know how to do. After she left I arranged the items in my apartment. It looked fantastic and showcased everything really nicely. I got to bed at 3am, all to have a trickle of people actually see it. Of those that did come in, I enjoyed meeting them. Always interesting to hear people's stories, and see their faces. Some of my neighbors stopped by and it was fun to show them around the place and introduce them to the cats. The cats loved Joe the neighborhood pharmacist and his girlfriend Michelle. Scout greeted them with a squeak and stood up to meet them, which is a huge compliment. For most of the day, they lay there on top of the piles of clothing on my bed. My bedroom is cluttered and stocked with everything I didn't want to sell, and there's something oddly comforting about it. It looks homey in an eccentric way. The last two nights that it's looked like that I've slept amazingly well.

Even though the traffic was sparse, I did make some sales, the biggest coup being my window air conditioner to a really nice family who showed up at 10AM on the dot. It's a great AC, but big and heavy. And yes, I even cleaned that up and made it look special. I sold it to them for a steal, making both of us happy. Before my sale, Jack and I took it out of the window and set it on my living room floor.

On other notes, I got my voice back and no longer have people trying to communicate to me in sign language. That was a very frustrating thing, to not have a voice. But, it added a layer of interest to strangers that I met and communicated with, even when it was a squeaky voice. For the one day that I couldn't speak at all, I lived a completely different perspective than my normal life provides, and got to take a tour in the shoes of people that have to communicate like that every day. I received everything from "special", overly helpful treatment to the confused looks that I'd get when I couldn't communicate back to strangers who wanted to share idle chatter with me on the subway. It was an interesting and humbling experience.

My cluttered, comfy room is calling and I'm more relaxed now that I've given myself some extra time. I'm still temping and enjoying it. They keep asking me back, which is nice coming from smart, capable people.

Tomorrow, they will learn that they have me for two more weeks if they want me.

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