Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm at Starbucks, chillin'.

I had an interesting day at work yesterday being that they had to let an employee go due to poor job performance and too many "I can'ts." "I can'ts" don't work in companies, especially small ones.

These are all very nice people. It wasn't catty, or petty. It was someone who hated to have to let this person go and had tried everything possible to help her to improve her job performance. It was very awkward for me, being a temp, because they had to alert me to the fact before the employee knew what was coming at the end of the day. One, because when this happened I would be the only other person in the office, and two, because I had to know when to leave the intimate setting when I got the signal to do so.

So, I worked all day, knowing this person's fate. I knew that she was going to get a shock, and that her reality was going to dramatically shift. She would leave the office without a job and not come in on Monday morning. Not be welcome, that is, to come in on Monday morning. She would do so knowing that it was because of her performance, and not due to company finances. Today she was going to be told that she didn't measure up and why. It was a sad feeling, and when I was performing my tasks I felt my hands shaking. Finally, I took some deep breaths to steady them. There was nothing I could do but wait for the signal.

On the contrary, I've been getting nothing but praise for my performance. That very same day, one of the employees told me that the president of the company was upset that I was moving to California because "she'd snap me up in a minute." The president had also told me that herself, and that she couldn't believe that I was moving. I thought that was incredibly nice of both of them. One, for the president to tell me that, and two for another employee to make sure that I heard her sentiments. If this sort of work fell within my career goals, I'd go for it. It's a fabulous position for someone who wants to do event planning, run by smart, nice, wholly competent and understanding people. The employees also fall into that category.

I also have an "I can" attitude. Like I've said before, I am extremely willing to help and take pride in my work. I also set goals during the day to complete my tasks, and am a great multi-tasker. On the day that I couldn't speak at all, I pitched in to ready a ton of boxes for Fed-Ex shipment. The person who was let go didn't offer to help, except for at 5:30PM when everything was finished. Then, in an even more audacious move, left for the day while the others worked late. They were probably working late to finish their tasks that the immediate need to get the shipment out pushed back. As everyone rushed around her, boxing, and laminating, and taping, and packing, and printing out Fed-Ex forms, she sat at her computer. It was something I noticed. But just noticed, that's all. There were other things that I won't mention because I didn't witness them. Still, this was a nice woman who had some good qualities.

As I sat there and continued my work, I said a little prayer that good come from this for all parties, and that she will be able to take the lessons learned from this and apply them to her next job. Then, for her to have strength during the time that it would sting the most. Which, as I sit here and type, is probably right now.

But back to that day. Around 5pm, I got the signal and went downstairs to have a very garlic laden slice of pizza. As I sat there, I called my friend Shannon and told him what was going on. After about twenty minutes, I went back up and played completely dumb. She was packing up her desk, eyes watery but not teary. Holding back, retaining her pride. I sat back down and worked, and the boss was in his office. I asked him if he wanted me to leave, and he indicated that I should stay. So, I did until she left. She approached me, knowing I was moving and looking for apartments, and said, "Good luck with everything." I thanked her, told her to have a good weekend. What more could I say?

That night, I went to get another deep tissue massage from Vladimir. Vladimir is attractive and has a slight Russian accent which is very soothing to me as he massages me. I enjoy listening to his perspective and stories as I lay on the table, face up with my eyes shut. We talk about a lot of things. I do massages completely naked and couldn't care a whip. Some people aren't comfortable with that, even though you are under a sheet. To me, it's a completely natural thing and almost required, in my opinion. You are there to heal your body and reconnect with it. Being naked seems the only way for me to do that. Vladimir has been working on my neck and shoulders to try to rid me of the tightness that is there due to poor posture while I'm working. I tense up my left shoulder and it's taken its toll. I'm working to rectify that, but habits don't die easily.

Since my yard sale was a bomb, I'm revving up for part two. I'm going to hold a sidewalk sale and hopefully rid myself of some smaller items like the coffee tables and such. I'll have pics of the larger items in case people are interested. If the weather doesn't hold up tomorrow I'll do it next weekend. I think it's a better idea to do it outside because people walk by and see me. Should be fun and a lot less stressful than the first one. I've totally relaxed about it now. That, or it's a side effect of Vladimir's strong hands.

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