Sunday, March 04, 2007

I packed a couple more boxes yesterday, and the stack against the wall is growing taller. I've bought all my boxes from the U-HAUL store and therefore they are the same width and stack nicely. Today I'll make another trip as the reality sinks in that I'm really doing this. Once the apartment sale is over, I'll be in a better place emotionally. The closer I come to the date of moving, and the more boxes I pack, the more I want to sell. I just don't want to deal with stuff from the past, and as I prepare for this move that becomes all the more evident.

What I dread about the sale is the logistics of it. Moving stuff, having people poke through my things and being the go to when it comes to bartering over price. Some of the stuff I'll be flexible on, some I won't. Just because it's in an apartment sale, doesn't mean that it's worth less than it is. I go back and forth about selling my television, and even today I turned around and looked at my gorgeous Restoration Hardware sleigh bed and wondered if I could do without it. Mostly, because I don't want to bother with taking it apart and dealing with it. A part of me just wants to be free from things, not tethered down. However, sometimes that tether is the thing that keeps one securely grounded.

After this post, it's off to U-Haul to buy more boxes and tape. My shelves, cupboards, and drawers are emptying out. I have a ways to go, but I'm where I want to be in the packing process. I have moments of panic, that I'm not going to get it finished in time, but that's because I haven't had the sale yet and things that I'm not taking with me lay in piles around the apartment. My goal today is to get things picked up so that I can photograph the larger items that I plan to sell. I've also created a pile of clothing that needs to be dry cleaned to prepare them for sale. There will be some good stuff there, including a pair of Gucci pants and Frette sweaters. I think my sale will be on the 17th of March. That gives me two weeks to prepare for it, get the help lined up that I'll need, get permission from the landlord to hold it and warn the neighbors. I'm a stickler for presentation, mostly because I want it to be organized.

Then, at least that part will be over.


Went home, indeed packed more boxes. I emptied out my kitchen cupboards for the most part, only keeping necessities available. Popcorn maker, waffle maker, things like that. Never know when I might crave some good waffles. My foyer is becoming cluttered with the pile I'm collecting for the sale, and for the second time in the last week I've allowed the stress to creep through. A mild panic. Perhaps that's good, that I let it through. That way I won't be setting myself up for a big stress fest. I don't like it though, not one bit.

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