Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yesterday it was so cold that I slept through most of the day. It was below freezing and my body, sensitive to the drafts in my large over 100-year-old apartment resisted my attempts to wake. That, and the fact that I was in mid-dream that I was hanging out with Johnny Depp. Every time he started to fade and be replaced by the stark light coming through my curtains, I clinched my eyes shut to continue my dream. Until around 5:00 pm, I was successful.

Granted, I'd stayed up until 4:00 AM the night before reading, but there was no reason in the world for me to leave Johnny for a cold day in Baltimore. I'm one of those people who can control my dreams. If I wake, I can fall back asleep to emerge, as if beamed down by Scotty, exactly where I was when I left. My dream compatriots are usually looking at me in a "thought you disappeared" look. After assuring them it was only their imagination, we continue where we left off. When I appeared back in front of Johnny, had that same look on his face, then took my hand and escorted me to a car in a theme park parking lot. Some people on the way recognized him and after getting their pictures taken with him, handed us both one dollar bills. I was reluctant to take one, but Johnny said to go ahead as it would insult them if I didn't. After taking my tip, I asked him if people always gave him money like that. He told me that yes, they did. I thought that was odd, since people knew he had money.

Finally, I woke and sludged around in slow motion until I went to a neighborhood party that my across the street neighbor invited me to. It was fun to meet so many neighbors whom had slipped my acquaintance over the last couple of years. My neighbor, me and a few others were the youngest by years, but it was fun to chat with the older set. The detached house was a fabulous place, adorned by artifacts from the time the owner lived in Turkey. So many memories, things touched and coveted. All with a story. I've always wanted to see inside her house and now I have. I'd taken pictures of her garden before in the spring, and always pet the woman's all white cat named Brenda. Brenda was there, slinking around the legs of every guest, determined to have everyone take home a parting gift of her white fur.

I spoke to my other friends the next day and found that most of them had slept through that cold day as well. As had my mother. I wonder if Johnny Depp was in all of their dreams.

I've packed another box, and decided to sell even more things. I may have a buyer for my television set, but time will tell. I also perused apartment listings last night and found some possibilities to look into once I arrive. I'm in between storage or just renting a place and doing things only once. I've emailed all of them, mostly managed buildings because that makes the most sense for the first year, and will see what actual costs will be.

Last night we had my cousins over with their little ones. I held Turner in my lap, a snuggly baby with a mellow demeanor. So cute, and Lane, who is two years old was a darling little lady full of energy. Both cousins are lawyers, smart girls. One, I should correct myself is in law school, but she graduated from the Hotel School at Cornell. The other cousin did Princeton and then NYU, I believe. Both graduated from Taft High school as well, while the third sister, the oldest graduated from Exeter, then did Princeton and Berkeley. I hope I have all the girls and who went to either high school right. Like I said, smart girls. So incredibly sweet and unassuming though, and they all won the lottery with their husbands. Most important, they all appreciate my smart ass sense of humor. I'm going to miss having them nearby. The third cousin I mentioned however, is still living in the Berkeley area I believe. Me, I went to art school, a damn good one. Hey, even us black sheep can represent for the family.

Just ask Johnny Depp.

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