Sunday, February 11, 2007

To all of you who asked, no I didn't get the gig. It's okay, because I figured I had about a 40% chance. One, of me taking it if it were offered, and two, because they wanted someone to start Monday. I was on the fence because in order to take it, it had to be a good financial decision. In Los Angeles, I would have to have a car, so there would be rental and at least three weeks of finding a place to stay. I just wouldn't feel right about being an obnoxious house guest at Cathy and Reese's for the entire month. I think the job people realized that it just wasn't going to be possible for me to start on Monday, and upon learning that my chances were pretty much shot. Especially since I was interviewing on a Friday. They were nice people and I think that I made a good impression on them.

Truth is, I needed a trip out to LA, if anything to wander the streets and take it in. It was weird being there thinking that I might live there again. As I packed another box tonight, this one full of framed art that was small and light enough to be boxed, I asked myself if I was running away. After some pondering, I could honestly say that no, I'm not. The important thing is that I also realized I'm not running to anywhere either. I'm just making a change, a little older and wiser for the journey. I am worried about the stress it will put on my cats though. My dad has offered to drive cross country with me. That would be great to have the company. Dad, I know you read this blog, so just to let you know I may take you up on it!

My mom was talking about the distance, and for some reason that also seems different to me now. It doesn't seem so far away, I guess, being just a flight away. Literally, a few hours if we're talking in country. There were sometimes after a trip that I'd be walking in my neighborhood and look at my shoes, and think that the very soles that were touching the concrete in Baltimore had been walking the sidewalks of Los Angeles that very same day. I'd do the reverse when I lived in Los Angeles and marvel at it. So, distance is just that.

I am however, going to totally miss living so close to everyone. Especially my mom and Jack. I'll miss walking over there to watch Lost, and 24 and drink our Cosmos that Jack makes for us. In between of course, teasing us for liking both shows so much. That will be hard, knowing they aren't steps away. But, they understand that Baltimore has been a fight for me since I've arrived here and I've never adjusted. It was also supposed to be a short term stay, a year or so, but because of my job with The Wire, that stay was extended. I'm in denial just how much I'll miss them.

I also miss my Wire coworkers already, but it was time for me to move on. I made some great connections there in the writer's office, but of course the way I think about it, that is secondary to the human experience I had while there.

Jack totally surprised my mom and me with get this, a Valentines Day gift! And a fabulous one at that. He bought us each a "Sweetheart Day at the Spa," with massage, facial and pedicure, and also threw in cash for the tip. I've been wanting all three forever, having seriously slacked on my spa life, and was totally excited, as was my mom. So, we're going to have a girls' spa day at a time when we can both do it. A super nice gift and extremely thoughtful. The package also came with a box of Godiva chocolates. He's also taking us out to dinner that day to Louisiana. Completely incredible restaurant. Way to go, Jack!

I plan to sell some stuff on Craig's List soon. I've never done it, so if any of you are experienced at this and have any tips out there please send them along. I'm completely clueless on it, and selling things that I'm not going to take with me is the thing I'm dreading the most. Absolutely dreading it.

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