Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow, rain, and slush here in Baltimore.

Another box packed, soon to start another one. I look around the house and wonder if I should pack books or lighter bulky items. I can't do too many books because they weigh so much, but I don't know if I have enough light bulky items that I won't need in the next month or decide to sell.

So instead, I'm instead doing laundry.

The Oscars play in the background, I'm mostly waiting to see Helen Mirren win for The Queen. Such an incredible actress and a nice lady. I interviewed her on the red carpet at the Pirates premiere, before the buzz had officially started. In the sea of stars who were about looks and attitude, she was a true actress. I'd admired her work for a long time and was excited when I saw her name on the list of possible attendees. The scene was a madhouse with a parade of people coming down the red carpet. She was standing, talking to her publicist, and I spotted her. I caught the publicist's eye and pointed to Helen. Her publicist kicked into action and brought her over. I was the first of the journalists in our space to spot her and had her all to myself. Such a gracious, classy lady with absolutely no pretense nor attitude. Not a bit of plastic surgery and she looked gorgeous. I didn't need the buzz of her Oscar nomination to know a she was a powerhouse of an acting talent. Now, she's instantly recognizable to those who were busy looking for the stars currently championed by youth obsessed Hollywood. I'm thrilled to have been able to interview her even for a few moments about Pirates of the Caribbean, which very deservedly won tonight for special effects.

Shannon, my super talented photographer friend took these wonderful pictures of Helen while I was interviewing her. An editor for Wikipedia liked them so much that he asked permission to use them. Once I was finished, the other journalists jumped at the chance to interview her. She better win for The Queen tonight.

I've been temping and not looking forward to the cold walk to the subway in the morning, but am glad to have something to do with my days. The work is easy and I'm appreciated. Temping is great because I've gotten to meet a lot of smart people in a short time and see many types of businesses at work. All of them are around the same area downtown which is great because I can take the subway to and from work. It's a freedom from car that I enjoy, save for the cold walks after a snowy icy storm. The building where I work is located on top of a mall with you guessed it, a Starbucks. I don't even have to leave the building to go to the mall and took advantage of that last week to get a manicure. During the days, which go quickly, I work, listen to the radio, and pitch in wherever I can.

When I temp, I feel like I have a fun little secret in that I have a lot of high level job experience but the people I work for don't know how capable I am until they get to know me. I'm a temp, and enter with the people who are at best, hoping that I'm halfway intelligent. At the same time, I'm extremely willing to work and take pride in doing a good job. I don't care that it's not interviewing Helen Mirren on the red carpet or working as a researcher at BMW with a car design team on a concept 7-Series car. At my temp jobs, I take the same attitude to work as well as respect for the people who are there. It just so happens that I'm there to work and help make someone's job easier. It's all relevant, doing a the best that one can do on a job because doing so becomes a habit. On my current job, within the first ten minutes the woman who was setting me up to work said, "I get a good feeling from you. How long are you available?" Perhaps its the little sister in me that will always be seeking approval, but it feels good to be told I'm smart and appreciated. At the same time, I enjoy seeing smart people at work and learning about the different things that they do for a living. This job was supposed to be for one week but I was asked to come for a second week. Now, they are asking if I might be available for a third.

Speaking of recognition and a job well done, Helen Mirren just won for best actress. All is good for this girl.

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