Saturday, December 23, 2006

There's a line almost out the door at Starbucks. Being the weekend before Christmas and the fact that this shop is right next to a Whole Foods and fine wine store, it's understandable. It's also gorgeous outside. I'm looking at a kid in short sleeves holding the leash of his Corgi puppy. Unimaginable in December. I still managed to snag a table near the outlet, an almost impossibility under the circumstances, but table karma was shifting my way today.

I haven't posted in a while because I've been working another temp job. This one is in the legal department at a major banking institution. It's a wholly cultural departure from anything that I'm used to in a workplace. However, though everything I've posted about work environments on this blog would suggest differently, it's not one that's going to depress me. Like I've said, it's nice being the temp. I'm an interloper without a background or future at the company. I'm just there to do a job and because I get it, am assertive when questions need to be asked, possess a great work ethic and am filling a void that others can't because their jobs don't afford them the time, I'm appreciated. Sometimes as I sit in my cube, yes, cube, I shake my head at the improbability that I'm working in a big office building among lawyers, legal aides and secretaries who excitedly detail the design of their Christmas socks to someone on the phone. I'm a fish out of water there and kind of enjoying it. That is because I know that I'm well...the temp. Meaning temporarily there. The other thing that I'm enjoying is the predictability of the work hours. Every day, I arrive and leave at a certain time. And when I leave, I leave.

Even better, I've learned I can take the subway to work. The station is a short walk from my house, and the stop lets me off right in front of a Starbucks. The only Starbucks in that entire area. When I saw where it stopped, I thought there might be one in the area. I was prepared to ask around, then emerged from underground and saw that familiar logo right in front of me. I felt like Fonzie in the Happy Days opening credits when he steps in front of the mirror to fix his hair, lifts his comb then seeing it's perfect, stops mid-motion and gives his reflection a congratulatory open armed gesture. Ayyy.

This Friday, before getting my stinkin' badge, I was required to watch a security video. I arrived in the lobby, the only female with four men, and we were walked by a fifth man to the security area. Two of the men were from India, one from China, and another who appeared Indian but was American. I noticed, being surrounded by five men that my voice had slipped into a more sultry tone. I don't know why that happened, it just did. Whatever the reason, it seemed to have an effect.

There's something nice about knowing what to expect, even though my entire life, I've fought against "the establishment" to ensure my life contains the unexpected. I'm watching a documentary right now about Johnny Depp, someone who takes creating the unexpected to the extreme. Though I nowhere near walk the precarious paths that he did, through my own experiences I've learned that inviting the unexpected has great rewards, but some serious drawbacks. I've had so many people say to me that they wish they had the guts that I did, and find at parties that I'm the one people gravitate to. They say "I've heard so much about you," or "You're the Hollywood one," but what they aren't privy to are the dark and lonely times when you ask yourself the question, "Was everything worth it just to do it my way?"

I still don't know the answer to that.

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