Thursday, December 14, 2006

I was right about the "having a job" mojo. In the last week, two freelance writing assignments have come my way. I've also expanded my contact network and have a six week freelance job coming up through the temp agency with which I'm registered. This ends just before the show starts up, for which I'm hoping to have other options by then. All for all, if I decide just to chuck it and leave, I'll have a history with this temp agency that is worldwide and has a huge office in Angeles. That way, I can get work upon arriving. I completed my first assignment on Tuesday, to great praise. Like I said, the detachment of being "the temp" was conducive for me, along with the ability to do mindless work and get paid for it. There's something nice about that, I must admit. No stress and I can safely stand outside the realm. I don't think I'd want to do it forever, but at least now I know it's there if I ever need to step back again.

On my next to the last day, the man-child asked me if I was coming back because he liked me a lot and thought I was a very "neat and interesting" person. I was incredibly flattered to hear that my short time there had positively touched him. He also called me mysterious. I told him I'm the International Anne of Mystery, to much appreciation. He's certainly astute, that's for sure. I enjoyed my time at this place, and it was something I'd never have been able to experience had I not registered with the agency.

For this new assignment, I had to get a background check, drug screen, and my fingerprints scanned in order to be run through the FBI database. The company didn't even interview me, just hired me off my resume. Have to say that was a stroke to the ego as this company usually doesn't do that. This will be a complete change from the last assignment, with more responsibility. They did the fingerprinting at the company, where a woman led me into a mirrored room and took my fingerprints. They had a really high tech machine that scanned them, rather than having to ink me up.

As far as my mood, I've been better in the last few days. The bleakness was largely due to PMS, which has been really bad in the mood department the last couple of times around. Now that those cobwebs have cleared, I've been writing much better on my personal projects and completely kicked ass today. A good thing, because if I lose the ability to express... I don't even want to think of the emptiness that would bring. My goal is to finish something. I am the queen of unfinished projects and I'm determined not to let this one suffer a similar fate. It's too important to me and I've put too much time into it. And that damn pattern I have of not finishing has to stop. I'm worth more than that.

It's been warmer the last week, and in the last two days we've had thick fog. I love the fog, with its lilting ribbons reflecting the artificial lights at night. It was beautiful last night while driving home, so low I felt if I stuck my hand up through the open window my fingers would leave small wakes in its path. Today, I watched it move in around 3:30 in the afternoon, creeping through leafless trees, around buildings and over hills. There's a coziness with fog, sort of like the sky's hug that both shields us and links us together as one. It's calming to me, as it softens everything I see. Edges aren't sharp and unfriendly, colors are muted and a sense of mystery fills the air. When your visibility is shortened, the world becomes more intimate.

Sometimes it's good to not be able to see so far ahead, so you more notice and appreciate the things within your grasp.

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