Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Finally, some energy to write. Sorry for the lapse, but I've been wholly uninspired. I've also been working on some personal writing stuff and immersed in job searching.

Well, a little energy. As the day has been overcast but warm, the sun is starting to sink and the light has taken on a blue hue. I know I'm going to have to resist the urge to sleep when I get home.

I spent Thanksgiving with my mom's friends in Prince Frederick, MD. This is the same house that has the car graveyard in the woods. As usual, the drive was pretty and relaxing. Sometimes we'd pass a tree and there would be fifteen turkey vultures sitting in it looking ominous. If there ever was a foreboding sight, a bunch of turkey vultures in a leafless tree, silhouetted against an overcast sky sure ranks up there. In colder weather, turkey vultures tighten the muscles in their neck and draw their feathers up around their head, giving them a hunchback appearance. Dinner was delicious, company good and only one argument occurred. That was over politics between two of the men, later into the night after much alcohol and food. However, it was discomforting and I left the room before it escalated.

Right after dinner, the son (M)'s friend came over with his girlfriend, and the four of us went across the street to his house. M lives across the street from his parents on the property that is owned by the family. Their family has been in the area since the 1700's. The friend was part Indian, so his family has been in the area much longer than that. The history of the people on the east coast whose families have remained here never ceases to amaze me. I know many of you Brits who read my blog don't see that as such a big deal, but for us Yankees that's a long time.

When we got to the house, the girlfriend and I were treated to an acoustic concert given by the two boys. It was intimate, candlelit and very nice in the rustic setting of M's house. Joseph, the friend sang and played guitar, and M accompanied on guitar. What a treat! Both were very talented.

I finally got a call from a job in Los Angeles from a woman who saw my resume on Careerbuilder. Imagine that. However, I don't think it's the kind of job I'd move across the country for, copywriting for a technical company. That is, unless the pay is incredible. It was nice to know there are living, breathing people looking at resumes on the job sites. I also got in contact with a friend of mine who was a successful HR person in LA, now she is a successful HR person in Atlanta. She says she still has loads of contacts there and I've sent her my resume.

I know it will come down to the wire, no pun intended. I just know that. I'll have little time to prepare when the wheels start moving and I know I'll end up having to throw my luggage on the train and jump on. I'll be honest, that when this opportunity came up the thought of uprooting and moving again was daunting. I imagined packing my apartment, having to find a place to live, unpacking, and the bullshit that comes with moving. Then of course, being away from family. That's going to be the hardest when the time comes.

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