Friday, October 13, 2006

Yes, another post. Two in two days. I just saw pictures of the snow dump in New York. I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of winter. Yesterday the cold blew in, accompanied by high clouds that only winter can produce. It's not coat weather yet, but getting there.

I know for people who live in warm climates this seems unreal. It is for me too.

This weekend is Festival on the Hill in our neighborhood. The church that puts it on has a notice that they needed stuff for their big garage sale. Among artists, food, and crafts people, the church has a sale to raise money. I've been needing to purge again, and purge I did.

I donated a ton of stuff today and spent most of last night looking for anything that I could shed. The only thing they didn't accept is clothing, so during another purge I'll have to get rid of that. Once again, I'm weighed down. Too much stuff. What I'm giving away I could sell, but I don't want to deal with it. Some of the stuff I can't even believe that I've lugged cross country twice. Cassette tapes. Yes, cassettes that I bought while I lived in New York. Most of them were classical, some were soundtracks to movies like "Witness." All things I can now get on MP3 and don't need cluttering up my closets. Being Baltimore, I know there are plenty of people who still want cassettes.

What's a couple extra hundred dollars to me when it could go to an organization that does a lot more good than I do. I dropped by the church and bid my stuff goodbye to its new life. Two sweet women helped me carry it in and were thrilled to get it. One had straight black hair down to her butt. I don't know if she was Hispanic or Native American. Both had infectious smiles. I hope the items make someone happy and raise money for the church. This is the same church that I was walking by when I witnessed the stolen vehicle crash and the same one that goes on the New York trip every year. It's my mom's church and sometimes I participate in their gatherings such as knitting night when I feel like using my hands. They do a lot of community things, including this weekend's Festival on the Hill.

So, all is good.

I was rewarded for my apartment enema with the first spider I've seen in my apartment since I've lived here. The first...pretty big spider. Sure, I've seen the puny ones that I've mistaken for floating dust then realize it's a tiny eight legged rope dancer. Those don't bother me. This one did. I don't know if all my pulling things out and rummaging around brought it out of its home, but Atticus was right on it when he saw it. When I saw him go for the wall I looked to see what it was. I wasn't pleased at all, and I'm sure the spider wasn't pleased by the giant fuzzball playing floor hockey with it. It was a lazy spider and didn't put up much of a fight. I was on the other side of the room until Atticus left it alone. Let's just say, the visitor is no longer in my apartment.

Good kitty.

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