Thursday, October 12, 2006

My goodness, my posts when I'm down really bring you all out of the woodwork. I'm feeling much better, thank you. In fact, I may be able to work things out after all. I will just work them out differently.

Thank you for the words of encouragement.

Speaking of coming out of the woodwork, I found that my very good friend has a tie to my last post. It turns out that he is the inventor of The Mind Eraser. I shit you not. This isn't a tall bar tale, it's the truth. Reese, modest man that he is would be the last to claim credit for something he did, much less take credit for something he didn't. Reese, I told you I was going to put this in the blog, so here it is. You crack me up.

From Reese:

Subject: You know, I invented The Mind Eraser!

How the Mind Eraser was invented…

It was the winter of 1985, my first winter season at Club Med Copper Mountain in Colorado. That season I was hired as a bartender coming from Tahiti. The usual thing for us bartenders was to serve everyone but also, since we were all pretty good drinkers, we invented drinks. I had come from a pretty good background of bartending and if I remember, it was close to the week of New Years. As usual we were designing some sort of fast and evil drinks that went down fast and knocked one on their willy… Awe the invention of the “Mind Eraser”. A layered drink made the following way… A rocks glass packed to the top with ice, bottom layer Kahlua, Middle layer vodka, Top layer glass filled to brim with soda water, carefully insert 1 straw to bottom of glass not to disturb layers. Suck down as fast as possible. Drink design as follows, first taste is hit of Kailua which coats mouth and tongue, then comes the vodka which you don’t even taste followed by splash of soda. Instant blackout.

This over the weeks began to evolve and finally turned into the “Job Destroyer” Just think Mind Eraser scaled up 4-6 times. Pack bucket glass with ice, to make this layered drink it now took about 4 oz Kahlua, 4 oz Vodka and a few oz. soda to fill. This was now drunk with 2-3 straws in the same way. This caused a few bad brawls in which no one remembered what happened except they were being fired for getting into fights.

That season, I had a Chief of Bar named Alan who was the manager of our bar team. He was an American from LA who spoke fluent French and that got him that position. Anyhow, years later after Cathy and I were together the conversation about the Mind Eraser came up which was a drink they had down in Sandpiper in Florida. It turns out that was the summer after my first winter in Colorado and Alan was their Chief of Bar that next season. So, he brought the drink idea down there and I know over the years, it did spread all over the world…even to your little bar there.

And now you know...the rest of the story.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but your information is wrong. We were pouring mind erasers in the late 70's in San Antonio, TX. I know the two inventors that came up with this concoction. Jody and Dave were experimenting with black russian recipes and came up with this variation.

Anne said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment. I'm sure there were several people serving like drinks and experimenting, but this recipe is the one that took off and spread like wildfire, and became the staple. Club Med is a pretty darn good way to spread drink concoctions fast, and my friend is a stand up guy who isn't a fact, the opposite who shies away from any type of attention, so I stand by my story. I know the subject of who invented what drink is always up for debate, so I'm shocked that you're the first one to refute my claim in over six years! Thanks for dropping by and please write again. :)

Anonymous said...

"A rocks glass packed to the top with ice, bottom layer Kahlua, Middle layer vodka, Top layer glass filled to brim with soda water, carefully insert 1 straw to bottom of glass not to disturb layers. Suck down as fast as possible"

This is exactly how we made them years earlier than your friend claims to have come up with this recipe. He may have invented the grander version, but clearly, he did not invent the original mind eraser drink described exactly above. Sorry to rain on your parade, but the facts are the facts.

Anne said...

Hi again Anonymous. Though it may be currently raining outside, my parade is quite dry. Like I said before, they came up with it on their own. Whether it was done before at your bar or during the Neolithic Age, it was still an original creation from him concocted completely independent and without influence of what you were doing. And, they created it on a stage which had massive reach. Really, I couldn't care less either way, but as I said before, I stand by my story.