Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We had the premiere for our show on Friday, September 8. Since then, the first two episodes have aired, and for On Demand subscribers, possibly three. We also learned that HBO renewed the show for another season. It will be the fifth and final season of The Wire. I brought my camera, but didn't take many pictures. Events like that are crowded, and you can either choose to talk to people you haven't seen for awhile or shoot pictures. I did get this nice shot of Robert Wisdom and Marc Steiner though. We were talking and I just decided to take a shot.

Robert Wisdom, Mark Steiner

I didn't get any of me, though if I do say so myself, I looked hot. Prada skirt, Ferragamo knee high boots, hair working just perfectly. Yeah baby, I was working it. It was fun to see everyone again and marvel that somehow I became a part of this. Not because I didn't think that I could, but because it's so opposite of my own background. On the way in I hugged a big, sweet bear of a man who worked as an advisor on the show, then introduced my mother. It was obvious the man and I had a rapport and had worked closely on the show. They chatted like people who just met would. After the premiere, at home, I told her he was a former assassin who had served almost twenty years in prison. Her skin tone lightened a couple shades. But, being my mom she recovered quickly. Of course, that might have been helped by the cosmopolitan she was drinking as well.

Despite the show renewal, I'm still on the job hunt in Los Angeles. I've used it as a motivator to ramp it up even more so that when the show rolls around I'll have a choice. To be honest, I'm cautiously optimistic. Job searching is a slow, frustrating process. But, it's a process I must go through if I want to make a change.

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