Monday, September 04, 2006

I just read the news about Steve Irwin's death. Some may know him as The Crocodile Hunter. I am just so sad over this. It was a freak accident and he was doing what he loved, but he was a positive, good force who shared his love and knowledge of many misunderstood animals with the world. Rarely does one who loves what he does so much, so successfully infect others with that enthusiasm. And, at the same time does such great work as an advocate for animals.

Whenever I had a blue spell, The Crocodile Hunter was a great remedy. Watching Steve, one can't help be affected by his energy and love of life. Such a tragic, sad loss. He was far from done here on this earth. I can only hope those that he inspired can carry on the work he did with rescuing and protecting so many endangered species. And, educating us humans about the creatures with whom we share the earth.

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