Sunday, August 20, 2006

There was nothing on TV tonight so I watched the second half of the Teen Choice awards. I didn't even know they were on and it turned out to be good, harmless have on while you clean fare. It was actually entertaining. The funny thing is, were it not for the Pirates premiere, I wouldn't have known who half the people were. Many of them I interviewed.

The treat of the evening was seeing Johnny Depp look so fucking hot accepting his award. And not only that, he was by far the oldest person there, by far the hottest, and way by far, the most popular. Way to carry it Johnny. He was my crush when I was a teenager when he was on Jump Street. Yes, I know he hated being on the show, but it was sure good for me. How great to see that he's completely making a new generation of teens swoon. When he walked out on that stage I think it shocked the entire auditorium that he was there. The screams were deafening. Thankfully I had the ability to turn them down.

So now let's get to the king of the chavs (lower case on purpose), K-Fed. I watched his performance the same way one looks at a car accident, and that's exactly what it was. K-Fed, and whomever agreed to have you on that show, fuck you, you fucking fuck of fucks. How dare you try to kill my and everyone else's Johnny buzz with that talentless, freeloading, wannabenevergonnabe trailer trash. What the hell were you thinking? You knew we would watch, just to see how bad he was, but you had us with Johnny Depp. We were watching already. K-Fed was so painful to watch. Painful. The screams from the teenage girls were minimal, and those were either polite, ones of horror, or an attempt to try to block out the dancing dung beetle that was assaulting them from the stage. Now that I think of it, I don't think they had audience shots during his performance, for fear of what they would reveal. At one point, he jumped into the audience, and I swear people recoiled. I sure as well would have, then taken a bath in Purell just to be safe.

In other news, the middle of August has me quite bored. I've been doing the job search and avoiding the humidity that has once again visited us. I'm in the process of shedding things, organizing, preparing for anything. I guess I could say I'm compartmentalizing. Just in case of well, anything.

I've been particularly annoyed by the amount of unused "stuff" in my apartment. Too many strings that I still haven't managed to sever. Whether it be things I'm stepping over, unfinished projects, papers, clothing, or things I haven't put away. Products I don't use, whatever. I look at it and think how little of it I actually use in a day. But, I can't seem to shed it where I can see a marked difference in the amount of "stuff" I have. I want my home to be a home, not a place where I store "stuff." There are a lot of nice things in my apartment, but lately I'm wondering how it got to this. Luckily, I've been more willing lately to part with it.

For one, I put my art desk in the building lobby late last night with a note on it that it was free for the taking. Next afternoon, it was gone and a thank you note from the first floor neighbor was in its place, telling me it was exactly what she needed. That felt good. In my apartment, it had become a place to hide more junk. Now, it will be used for the purpose it was meant, she is an art student. I was thrilled it could go to good use.

Hopefully, this motion of offering my things and seeing that people want or can use them will translate into my job search, which is really code for my desire to move to the next chapter of my life. It's a step in the right direction, as I believe that we set the patterns of energy for ourselves. This small gesture will be the first in a few of my offerings. Sometimes it's important to validate that others find value and treasure in what you have.

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