Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It got in the triple digits in temperature today. The heat index was supposed to be around 110 degrees and a code red alert has been issued for the state. So far, I've been handling the high nineties heat by staying inside and drinking iced drinks. I also take cool showers and stand in front of the fan naked before toweling off. I have AC, but I also have 12 foot ceilings and huge windows.

Oh joy.

A couple days ago, after I mentioned my social life demise, I accepted an invitation to lunch with the Korean girl whom a year ago I was worried about when observing her at Starbucks. We'd been talking a lot since we are both there at the same times, and she asked if I wanted to go to a sushi place. She'd suggested it before, but I was resistant because that's just how I've been here. My head is in Los Angeles. However, she doesn't like it here either for the same reasons that I don't. It was funny to hear the same things come out of her mouth that I've been lamenting about. And, it was fun to have lunch with someone and chat.

During our lunch, the cute guy who works at another coffee shop came in and had lunch as well. I pointed him out to her. He's a total art/music dude who looks like Keanu Reeves with dreadlocks. Dunno, something about him just catches my eye.

I've been unable to sleep again. I know that a lot of it is because of the recent world news that I've been unsuccessful at blocking out. It's not that I worry I'll miss hearing about something. It's that I worry that if I don't keep aware, something catastrophic will happen. Much like when I went to bed September 10th, 2001, and woke up after the towers had fallen the next morning. Why that affected me more than hearing about it live, I don't know. All this news of war feels very much like the days after September 11th. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and I need to stop it. I have no control over any of this. But knowing that isn't helping me sleep.

My mom and I went to the hospital to see my Amy and Mark who just welcomed their baby boy into the world. He was so tiny and felt so delicate when I held him. I really could have held him all day, so precious, feeling his warm little body in my arms and subtle movements. Also, watching his face make little expressions in his sleep. He was delivered C-section so he didn't have the cone head that many newborns have and is just gorgeous. His name is Turner.

It's supposed to be another day of 100+ temperature tomorrow. Let's hope the electricity holds up.

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