Sunday, June 11, 2006


For not posting.

But I needed a little break. No, I wasn't out of town, nor did I go to Mexico. I was just way overdue for a blog break.

So, here I sit on the eve of another Monday.

I've gotten my sleep habits as back in line. I bought a fresh batch of melatonin and there I was, nodding off again. Felt good, as I was worried. Yes, if you look at the time of this post I'm indeed up, but it's by choice. I'll take melatonin when I'm ready to snooze. Which will be soon.

Speaking of snoozing, why, WHY did I have to wake up a couple mornings ago at THAT exact moment of my dream with Christian Bale in the Batman suit? Could my wakefulness have just WAITED just a few minutes?

Now that I have that off my chest, I will continue. The temperature here has been agreeable and I haven't had the dueling climate control devices. In fact, the HEAT kicked on this morning. It's on a thermostat, and I had to feel my radiator to make sure that was indeed happening. It was. And, it was chilly outside. Which however, is not conducive to swimming. So, I've begun to roam again.

I rearranged my apartment. Just a tad. The couch is back, and has been for a few weeks. I may have mentioned that before, but if I haven't, it looks fabulous. I paid just $700 to have it reupholstered and "fluffed" back up. Considering that my couch has down cushions and metal tacks, that's quite a deal. And, it helped some women along on their journeys to give their lives a restart. Good for them, and well done ladies. For those of you who are in Baltimore, I highly recommend this place. It's called the Caroline Center, and I know it does a world of good for a great many people, and not just in the realm of people who want to learn reupholstery. Plus, they pick up and deliver. The cats are thrilled to have it back, as they now have a place to perch again. So now, as a matter of fact, do I.

And yes, I will post pictures of my beautiful couch soon. I've been slowly getting stuff up on Flickr. And, replacing the broken pictures on my blog. Yes, I know they are there and no, I haven't forgotten about them, not even the ones way back when. There's only so much I can do at a time before tiring of it.

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