Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sorry folks, I'm beat.

I know a post is way overdue, and especially to explain my cryptic last post. But, I'm operating on a sleep deficit that you can't imagine, not to mention physical exhaustion. I will be posting soon, but every time that I try to start I get tired and have to stop. I'm really that tired.

For those of you who wrote to me worried, please don't. You are too sweet. I went on a little adventure and just got back. And, it was great fun. Worth the fatigue that I'm experiencing now.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 premiere

That's me at the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest world premiere, press credentials around my neck. Shannon took the picture, which demostrates that I seriously need to practice the art of red carpet posing and smiling. Hopefully I won't end up on Go Fug Yourself as a Random Fug.

If you want, click on the photo to view it in larger format. More on the whole thing later. Bed is calling, no, cooing in my ear.

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